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The Boys
Night Out
Mon Dec 15, 2014 01:13

Randy arrived that night to Bastrova - Balgren, damnit Troy - with a bag of loaded potatoes and chicken. He was fairly certain it wouldn't pass Troy's idea of a night out, but it cost more than Randy had to get specialized cheeses and tiny bits of meat on a toothpick.

"Dude," Thom said, coming down the stairs. "Tell me you did not bring atomic wings to this thing?"

"Nah, Coswell I didn't " his brother answered, nodding to the smoking jacket. "Bastrova's hand me downs?"

"Don't be mad just cause I look awesome and you still look like you." Thom looked past his brother. "Where's your roomie?"

"He'll be here." Randy chucked his jacket over a wing backed chair." Something about last minute Anatomy edit."

"Which is why I'm sticking with Charms. Don't give me that look."

"Charms isn't a strong career, Thom."

"Seriously, bro, not tonight."

Upstairs in Troy’s room a very doe eyed brunette was desperately trying not to let him leave. The argument had started a few hours ago and except for one, alright two, breaks to release the tension had not stopped. Steadily she’d been wearing away at his good nature and carefree attitude until he was about ready to snap.

Although he tried to explain his indifference, Georgia had insisted that the kiss with Dagon Hounslow had only been meant as payback for what she called ‘that violent little upstart’s’ behaviour. Orion was a prospect that Troy had been considering much more seriously lately so he kept his mouth shut there in case he aroused her suspicions. The rumours she’d set at cap at Bradley Bryant didn’t sit well with him either but likewise making trouble with him would spoil his chances with the little bit. However, when she moved on to insulting Grace instead he had to speak up, which Georgia hadn’t liked at all but as Troy had pointed out - Leo had taught her a lesson about making an enemy of Grace that she wouldn’t soon forget. It was the most surprising thing he’d ever heard himself say. Finally he was out of patience.

"Look, baby," he sighed, straightening the collar of his shirt in the mirror. "It's just one night."

Georgia pouted and sprawled herself even more provocatively across his bed, looking up at him with those wide, doe eyes. Troy ignored her and collected his cuff links from his bedside table, avoiding her grasp with ease.

"Oh, but..." Troy held up a finger to her lips to shush her and she responded by trying to be seductive.

"You can stay here, keep my bed warm," he flashed her a roguish grin and left, closing the door on Georgia...for the time being.

He descended the stairs to the common room with a proprietary air, gracing a collection of excitable little Bs with his trademark grin. Since Aaron had graduated he was undisputed King B and Troy wore his crown like he was born to it. He waved at Randy over the banister and jumped the last few steps to greet him.

"Come on in, have a drink," he pressed, motioning to the bar in the corner. Balgren was full of purebloods and purebloods existed on alcohol so a well stocked liquor cabinet had found itself a permanent home in the room.

He spied Thom, lingering behind him in one of his old smoking jackets and grinned.

"Joining us, old boy?" he asked.

“I need a break from the work," Thom said, meaning his self appointed project of mapping out Aelcrest. His roomie was already complaining about the images all over the walls. “And besides, you have Randy here, someone needs to balance out the coolness. Unless you want to sit around talking about how intricate potions can get. Don't mind, do you man?”

Randy was already looking through the liquor selection. "He can stay and have a beer if he wants as long he's…”

“…Home, washed and in bed before sunup," Thom finished for him. "Don't worry Mommy dearest, Troy knows.”

“Excellent!” Troy grinned and clapped his hands together. The noise coincided with the slam of the door as it opened and closed behind a dubious looking Weir boy. “Ah..and here’s the hero of the hour. Leo, my man! Can I tempt you?”

Leo examined the row of bottles that Troy had gestured to and pointed out one that didn’t look like it was 100% alcohol. Troy graciously poured him a measure and the group settled themselves into a collection of chairs around the roaring emerald fire. A few of the much younger girls pointed Leo out and begun whispering amongst themselves with glee which made him shift uncomfortably in his seat. Troy noticed the squirming and grinned.

“Don’t mind them, old boy,” he laughed. “They get themselves wound up over anything. Though I imagine you’re finding yourself quite a hit with the ladies now, hm?”

Leo swallowed down a gulp that was larger than he’d intended it to be and felt the heat rush to his ears. “Not that I’ve noticed,” he said, shooting a fervent glance at his room mate. He hadn’t gotten a chance to ask Randy about properly dating his sister yet, though he knew he was going to have to get around to it at some point. Trouble was he’d already said yes and if Randy didn’t - that would cause something of a problem.

“Well then you’re not looking hard enough,” Troy replied with a pointed gesture to the girls. “Of course Georgia’s been a nightmare since but just between us chaps I’m looking to get rid. You know how I feel about hard work,” he finished with a wink.

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                              " You know what, me neither" Randy smacked his brother to move out of the booth " In fact, I need to get back, while I am still certain what walking is." " I'm going to stay a bit longer" Thom said... more
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