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a line of Poppies
Mon Dec 15, 2014 02:21

Randy handed his brother one of the higher quality butterbeers which Thom switched out for something stronger and more honey-tasting the movement Randy’s back was turned. “So I take it we’re not going to see you at the OWLs exams then?”

Troy made a huffing sound, and Thom smiled as he settled in his seats. “There’s always Poppy Williamson” he suggested. “She’s not…well she is a bit clingy, but she’s real quick about it. A week or two and she’s off falling over someone else. Even when it defies all logic. Other than that she’s a really nice, upbeat tpe so you don’t have to worry about drama. Unless she’s around Ri. I think she’s got a bit of a girl-crush going on there. “

“ And how long was she crushing on you?” Randy asked.

“ I’m waiting my turn. I’ve got be like, what third in line by now. But Troy can go first. I got time. “

  • Night Out - The Boys, Mon Dec 15 01:13
    Randy arrived that night to Bastrova - Balgren, damnit Troy - with a bag of loaded potatoes and chicken. He was fairly certain it wouldn't pass Troy's idea of a night out, but it cost more than Randy ... more
    • a line of Poppies - Thom, Mon Dec 15 02:21
      • Time To Go - Troy, Mon Dec 15 03:56
        "You can take my place in the queue," Troy offered graciously. "I have another prize in mind." He did not offer any further explanation as to whom that might be but instead downed the remainder of... more
        • Re: Time To Go - Randy and thom, Mon Dec 15 04:48
          There was something relaxing about the Pit. Randy wouldn’t have thought it, but over time it had become as familiar to him as Aelcrest of his own house. He had spent a lot of time in a booth or at... more
          • Lessons - Troy & Leo, Wed Dec 17 13:44
            "Didn't you learn anything from the last time?" Troy tutted as Randy's eyes wandering towards Aya Gee. "Or are you just desperate to get into a fight now that Leo has shown you up?" Leo rubbed the... more
            • Intentions - Randy and thom, Wed Dec 17 19:56
              Thom had been hoping this night would go without a mention of siblings in general. Randy’s freakout and the duel over Grace had combined to put a severe cramp on his own budding reputation. It was... more
              • Honour Bound - Troy & Leo, Thu Dec 18 23:53
                Leo tried his best not to interrupt until there was a question that sounded like it actually needed an answer. He busied himself ripping the label from his bottle instead while Troy looked on with a... more
                • agreed? - Randy and Thom, Fri Dec 19 01:00
                  “That doesn’t mean much, Troy’s intentions with anyone’s sister makes everyone else a saint.” Randy pointed out. Troy cast him a mildly offended look, but they’d known each other long enough to get... more
                  • Re: agreed? - Leo & Troy, Fri Dec 19 02:22
                    Leo's jaw clenched when Randy gave him that look. It was the same one Grace used when she mistakenly thought the Schuler rules applied to anyone else. Talking of killing for the honour of your... more
                    • sight - Randy and Thom, Fri Dec 19 03:03
                      "Randy leaned back into his seat to watch the crowd for a bit. The music had gone back to the rhythmic thumping of Many Wands, One Color. followed by waves of dancing colored lights. Troy was talking ... more
                      • Big Bash - Troy & Leo, Fri Dec 19 03:43
                        "Glad to hear it," Troy grinned, thumping Leo on the back so hard he almost choked. "It needs to be big. Old Teddy boy's reputation depends on it. I've put a lot of effort into this and that's a rare ... more
                        • youth competition - Randy, Fri Dec 19 03:54
                          Randy had managed to take down on glass of water, relying on the stining cold to revive him , and was halfway through with a second before he noticed Troy's look and put it together with Leo's words. ... more
                          • Other Boy's Toys - Troy & Leo, Fri Dec 19 04:36
                            Troy liked to have what everybody else wanted. No, not liked to have. Had to have. He kept his ear to the ground for this very reason, to make sure that he knew what that something was. It was what... more
                            • The road home - Randy, Fri Dec 19 06:14
                              " You know what, me neither" Randy smacked his brother to move out of the booth " In fact, I need to get back, while I am still certain what walking is." " I'm going to stay a bit longer" Thom said... more
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