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Troy & Leo
Wed Dec 17, 2014 13:44

"Didn't you learn anything from the last time?" Troy tutted as Randy's eyes wandering towards Aya Gee. "Or are you just desperate to get into a fight now that Leo has shown you up?"

Leo rubbed the back of his neck and tried to be invisible. It wasn't that he didn't like the attention, he was only human after all, he just wished that it hadn't been because of a duel. Violence and winning fights had always been his sister's domain and more than a couple of people had made the connection. Crazy was obviously in Hardy blood they said. Those people had earned a place on his list.

"You're welcome," he told Randy. "I'm just glad I wasn't expelled instead," he managed a small grin.

Troy leaned back, grinned and threw his arm across the back of the booth. His own appraising eyes surveyed the scene, picking out familiar faces. Automatically, his mind raced through blood lines and all too soon the list of endless possibilities had been whittled down to a handful. Troy blamed his mother for that. A procession of balls and parties had taught him the limits his social circle would reach when he left school. However, until then...he laughed and took a drink. Until then both he and the night were young.

"I would mind seeing Bryant brought down a peg or two," he said, picking up the conversation where it had left off. "The guy has a huge ego problem. Which, if you ask me, is trying to compensate for something."

By the look on Leo's face there was little doubt he thought that Troy was the last person who should be making remarks on somebody else's ego.

"Don't give me that look Hardy. You don't like him either."

Leo grumbled, but ha to agree. He also admitted he had no idea why Ri hung around with him when, by all accounts, he didn't even like her. Troy merely huffed in reply and looked thoughtfully into his glass. If anyone had ever suspected him of having brains they would say the Balgren Prince was planning something.

"Enough of that," Troy said decidedly. "What about the treasure hunt eh? I take it you're all joining in?"

"I asked Grace," Leo blurted out, only just managing to dial down the volume for her name. He was on his fourth drink, or possibly third, or fifth, he had no idea but it had definitely reached his head. "Out," he added after an uncomfortable pause. "I asked Grace out. For the treasure hunt. As my girlfriend." The words finally arranged themselves into some kind of sentence and only then did he glance up at Thom and Randy. "Is that...okay?"

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