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Randy and thom
Wed Dec 17, 2014 19:56

Thom had been hoping this night would go without a mention of siblings in general. Randy’s freakout and the duel over Grace had combined to put a severe cramp on his own budding reputation. It was hard to get noticed the right way when everyone thought you had inherited the violent crazies. That Randy’s idea of flirting was to wave stupidly at every girl that looked his way was not helping. “Dude, be smooth.” he advised out of the side of his mouth, and was promptly ignored.

"I asked Grace," Leo blurted out

Randy stopped with his drink halfway to his lips. Thom was the ginger ale portion of his drinks pacing, but hadn’t been so lucky in stopping. He choked slightly.

"Out," Leo added after an uncomfortable pause.

The brothers starred at him. All those words made since, but not in that order. Thom rubbed one of his ears, where the bubbles must have migrated because he wasn’t hearing things right.

Randy told himself not to be surprised, not even when Leo made it clear that he had asked her out. He let out a slow relieved breath. It was just another date. A third date, in which neither or them were coming home singed or dead. If anything, they seemed to be getting along. He was actually starting to relax and think that Leo might actually be a good influence on his sister, rather than having her drag him into her kicking and screaming into her chaos. Wait, what was that he’d said?

“As my girlfriend.”

Randy felt his brain go numb as Thom choked on his drink. As a girlfriend? As in more than just a date? Now the suspicions came back. It had only been two dates ?! You couldn’t learn all about someone in two dates, not enough to suddenly want to be in a relationship with them. A calmer portion of his brain pointed out that they had known each other for years before that. Yes, replied a third, and most of that time had been Leo trying like hell to avoid Grace and her trying like hell to avoid his avoidance.

"Is that...okay?"

He and Thom exchanged a look. Randy’s jaw tightened as he held back on blurting out “Are you insane? You hate her.” He opened his mouth, with now idea what was going to come out, but Thom had beat him to it.

“Does she know? About the girlfriend part? Wait, no, are we talking about friend whose a girl? Or actual, real girlfriend like…” He gestured to a fifth year couple who were slow dancing to a song by Toad in the Hole, and being very friendly about it. The thought of his sister and Leo like that suddenly made him very really nauseated. In fact, the thought of Grace being that cuddly with anyone was sending of House of Mirrors sort of feelings. “ Does she know? “

“I think we know what type of girlfriend he means.” Randy said. He actively avoided looking at the couple. Leo wouldn’t dare. Grace, who had the three-second rule tattooed on her soul, would never allow it. “And I don’t think he would be asking our permission if she didn’t make him first.”

“Our permission?”

Randy held up a finger. “ Just give us a minute” he told the others and leaned closer to Thom, so they could talk over the noise.

“ Well?”

“ He’s been dating her for a while” Randy explained.

“Yeah, I figured that out when he kicked Georgia Derby’s ass.”

“ Now he wants an actual relationship.”

Thom looked at Leo like he had just asked to put a ballerina costume on a bear “He does know this is Grace right? She’s not flowers and chocolates and hugs and relationships right? She gets bored. “ Did you eat one of her sandwiches or something? I mean they’re good, but their not ‘hey be my girlfriend’ good.” Randy’s elbows knocked into his ribs “What? They’re not.”

“Not the point.”

“What’re we supposed to do, ask about his intentions. You know she won’t let him do anything and she’ll drop him like a gross sock in about two weeks.”

“Are you trying to make me feel better about this?”

“I’m saying it’s up to them isn’t it? “ Randy frowned and Thom rolled his eyes “Alright, Mr. Wizard-knight, you tell me. He already kicked someone’s ass in her defense. He hasn’t hurt her and he’s actually asking family permission. Fine, he’s doing it after proposing, but he’s not asking to marry her just yet.”

He turned back to Leo, hands folded in front of him and tried to look as magisterial as possible. A recent growth spurt had caused his arms to stick out a little too far from his sleeves and gave his neck a rather lengthy look which did not come off as intimidating. “ What are your intentions exactly? “

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