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Randy and Thom
Fri Dec 19, 2014 03:03

"Randy leaned back into his seat to watch the crowd for a bit. The music had gone back to the rhythmic thumping of < i> Many Wands, One Color. followed by waves of dancing colored lights.

Troy was talking again, which meant it was probably safe to tune out. He watched the other kids dancing, black shadows, swaying and stretching as the the music took on a rhythm like a heartbeat and thumped in his ears. The darkness stretched, combininginto one congealed mass of nothingness from behind that was a growl laced with sharp teeth and claws. The sky was full of stars that fell like lances, like swords, touching everything with fire and brightest of all...

Was the jolt his body made as he slammed back into the present.

He winced and just how bright and loud everything suddenly was.

"What?" he asked, Thom had been talking.

"Said you were gonna pry your lips off Becca long enough, you'd be going to the hunt." He laughed a bit at the distracted look on his brothers face. "Sorry, did I trigger some special little thoughts there? "

Randy shook his head. " I think I just need to switch drinks for moment." he said, waving over for a water. "but yeah, yes. Treasure Hunt sounds good"

  • Re: agreed? - Leo & Troy, Fri Dec 19 02:22
    Leo's jaw clenched when Randy gave him that look. It was the same one Grace used when she mistakenly thought the Schuler rules applied to anyone else. Talking of killing for the honour of your... more
    • sight - Randy and Thom, Fri Dec 19 03:03
      • Big Bash - Troy & Leo, Fri Dec 19 03:43
        "Glad to hear it," Troy grinned, thumping Leo on the back so hard he almost choked. "It needs to be big. Old Teddy boy's reputation depends on it. I've put a lot of effort into this and that's a rare ... more
        • youth competition - Randy, Fri Dec 19 03:54
          Randy had managed to take down on glass of water, relying on the stining cold to revive him , and was halfway through with a second before he noticed Troy's look and put it together with Leo's words. ... more
          • Other Boy's Toys - Troy & Leo, Fri Dec 19 04:36
            Troy liked to have what everybody else wanted. No, not liked to have. Had to have. He kept his ear to the ground for this very reason, to make sure that he knew what that something was. It was what... more
            • The road home - Randy, Fri Dec 19 06:14
              " You know what, me neither" Randy smacked his brother to move out of the booth " In fact, I need to get back, while I am still certain what walking is." " I'm going to stay a bit longer" Thom said... more
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