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Troy & Leo
Other Boy's Toys
Fri Dec 19, 2014 04:36

Troy liked to have what everybody else wanted. No, not liked to have. Had to have. He kept his ear to the ground for this very reason, to make sure that he knew what that something was. It was what made him such a good Trader. Well, that and his endless piles of gold.

When he'd first heard the fuss about Ri he'd laughed, his reaction to most things and certainly the reaction of anyone who knew her. Then he'd thought about it and changed his mind. The trick now was to get her away from those Thestral boys who, unlike her brother it seemed, were over protective. The Fireworks show was his best chance and he had to use it well.

"And you're forgetting that she's beaten up every guy who asked her out except Dagon," Leo added. "She has a type?" he added the question to Randy. He opened his mouth to answer but by then Leo had already changed his mind.

"She also just ordered a bottle of firewhiskey for the party," Troy said smugly. He sat up to loosen his collar and when he relaxed his body slumped further down into the booth than before. Leo wasn't looking too sharp either with his eyes red and blood shot. "Few are," he added to Randy, in regards to his competition. "And I have a head start."

"I still don't want to know," Leo slurred from the corner of his mouth.

  • youth competition - Randy, Fri Dec 19 03:54
    Randy had managed to take down on glass of water, relying on the stining cold to revive him , and was halfway through with a second before he noticed Troy's look and put it together with Leo's words. ... more
    • Other Boy's Toys - Troy & Leo, Fri Dec 19 04:36
      • The road home - Randy, Fri Dec 19 06:14
        " You know what, me neither" Randy smacked his brother to move out of the booth " In fact, I need to get back, while I am still certain what walking is." " I'm going to stay a bit longer" Thom said... more
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