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The road home
Fri Dec 19, 2014 06:14

" You know what, me neither" Randy smacked his brother to move out of the booth " In fact, I need to get back, while I am still certain what walking is."

" I'm going to stay a bit longer" Thom said moving anyway " Belinda Halliwell owes me a dance for" he paused a moment " for reasons."

"Home before sunup" Randy said, with a finger wag. The effort caused his feet to mix themselves up as he stepped out from the booth and held onto the table until every righted itself again. Leo and Troy followed soon after, and the three older boys made a valiant effort to walk rather than stagger home. He could hear Leo and Troy making conversation as they moved, but he was far too absorbed in what he'd Seen and how incredibly long and windy the road to the Manor was. When did the hill get so up-slanting? He would sworn it was down-sloping this afternoon.

He tried to reflect on the events of the evening and what he'd learned. It slowly occurred to him that Leo had never actually agreed to the terms of having Grace as a girlfriend. It was something he'd have to bring up tomorrow, when they were more clear headed. He knew better than his siblings how the rest of the world felt about family honour, but if Leo wanted to have a proper relationship with Grace, he would need to accept the way she did things. Otherwise there was no way he could allow it. And even Leo knew how seriously Grace took these.

"What then?" Something whispered darkly in his head. If Randy denied the relationship, what then? Weren't their all sorts of tales of girls driven to do dangerous and outright stupid things to keep their boyfriends? He told himself that Leo wasn't dangerous. He was a moody, but not dangerous. But Grace could be. She didn't think before she acted, she lived for rushing into the middle of things and had no qualms about who she dragged along with her. It was entirely possible that she would drag Leo into something neither of them could handle all because her brother had refused her Leo. No, he would have to talk to Leo in the morning, figure out different words to tell him the truth: That it was a matter of keeping both Grace and Leo safe that Leo agreed, that Randy had to make sure Leo knew what he was getting into when it came to Grace.

  • Other Boy's Toys - Troy & Leo, Fri Dec 19 04:36
    Troy liked to have what everybody else wanted. No, not liked to have. Had to have. He kept his ear to the ground for this very reason, to make sure that he knew what that something was. It was what... more
    • The road home - Randy, Fri Dec 19 06:14
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