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Re: Unexpected losses
Sun Dec 21, 2014 04:30

As soon as Leo escaped the stuffy classrooms and crowded halls he'd headed straight for his room. Randy wasn't there, probably still caught up in OWLs, and he was glad of it. The morning after their night out had been hard enough without him prattling on about terms and conditions. It crossed his mind more than once to point out that Grace was a girl and not part of some contract but the Schuler family didn't seem to get the difference. He'd agreed to all the terms in any case, firstly because he wanted to date Grace and that was the only way and secondly because he needed Randy to shut the hell up. The second reason was a more important factor but his room mate didn't need to know that.

A couple of days later he'd asked his sister about it and heard all about what Ri called 'awkward talk about stuff'. At least he could be sure she wasn't about to go all honour crazy on him even if the others were. Well, excluding Troy. When he'd broached the subject of the Bastrova Prince having his eyes on her she'd just smiled, a smile he didn't really like, and said, "I know." It made him a touch queasy but it was none of his business unless it got her in trouble. That was all the agreement he'd made with his Dad, to keep her out of trouble at school, and that was all he was going to do.

Grace's note had brought a rare smile to his face, if only for a brief moment. Any opportunity to escape the Manor right now was a welcome one and getting to spend the time with his girlfriend that he hardly ever saw made it all the more sweet. Hurriedly, he'd changed into a black shirt barely distinguishable from the one he'd been wearing and made his way out to the cinema. On the way he passed Chloe Pywell, still looking smug. A week ago she'd beaten him at a chess match, whilst Grace was watching and hadn't shut up about it since.

When he reached the cinema he spotted her sitting in the middle of one of the rows at the back. Another rare smile tugged at his lips and her arms folded around his waist. He slipped into the seat beside her and tucked his arm comfortably behind her head and across her shoulder.

"We could just not meet the others at all?" he suggested with a wry grin, more hopeful than anything else. "What you have planned sounds much more interesting and I don't even know what it is."

  • Unexpected losses - Grace, Tue Dec 16 01:11
    School, it seemed, had conspired against them. Between practicing mental control, Project F, OWLs and regular classwork, there was hardly time for a couple to spend time being an actual couple.... more
    • Re: Unexpected losses - Leo, Sun Dec 21 04:30
      • The Rolling Dark - Grace, Sun Dec 21 06:37
        "We'll see just how good you are" she teased and offered him a liquorice wand from her bag as the movie started. " I mean I didn't plan much and I do kinda want to go dancing for a bit" She bumped... more
        • Add-on to previous post - Grace, Tue Dec 30 23:20
          Connell and Hayes had followed the trail to the third floor bathing rooms of Camden State. A pipe somewhere had burst, causing the sounds of a miniature waterfall to echo off the tile. The whole... more
          • Fear Of Fear Itself - Leo, Mon Jan 19 04:39
            The plot of the movie hadn't really appealed to him, but he was there for the company not the entertainment. As Grace had promised the visuals were striking for the first half hour until the novelty... more
            • chair fort! - Grace, Mon Jan 19 06:36
              She looked in the first direction, running a hand through her hair as she thought about it. Dancing did sound good. But in her coat pocket the little coin was buzzing to tell her the other part of... more
              • Datey - Leo, Mon Jan 26 14:32
                Leo cocked an eyebrow at her quizzically as they came to a stop at the entrance to the fort. Forts were for kids, and he'd been saying that since he was nine. Still, she flapped her hand at him until ... more
                • Cheerful Bubbles - Grace, Wed Jan 28 07:54
                  "Did you do all of this?" he asked, gesturing at the patchwork sky. For a moment, Grace considered saying yes, that it was an entirely Grace Schuler production, knowing neither of them would believe... more
                  • Open Mouth. Insert Foot. - Leo, Sat Jan 31 22:13
                    "For a start it's Baghouse ," Leo said, finally worn down. He grabbed her hand, halting the walking fingers in their tracks, and held onto it tightly. "It's the theory that guys don't have to explain ... more
                    • Let the bubbles do their thing - Grace, Sat Jan 31 22:43
                      “How about you tell me where we are with Project F.” “C’mon” she groaned “ can’t we spend one night not thinking about the kids?” He grimaced and she prepared her brain to tune out his lecture about... more
                      • Buttons - Leo, Sat Jan 31 23:03
                        "Ah. Well there is something I can do!" he grinned. The feeling that he'd ruined the moment, if it was a moment they were trying to have, still lingered on the tips of his fingers. It was best that... more
                        • Stop it. Stop it now. - Grace, Sat Jan 31 23:57
                          The lights went down into a single candle and they were very much alone together. Grace felt a pang of disappointment as all her work was overtaken by the dark, but then his arms were around her... more
                          • Last Chance - Leo, Sun Feb 1 00:24
                            When she told him to stop he thought for sure that she meant everything. The date, the plan, the stars, everything. It was just like her to turn things sour when they were going so well. Leo blamed... more
                            • 3rd draft - Grace, Tue Feb 3 07:33
                              She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that... more
                              • The Climb - Leo, Wed Feb 4 03:21
                                She didn't say no. That was what he focused on, even as she avoided answering his questions which was twice as frustrating than she seemed to think he was. In one uncharacteristically smooth... more
                                • in the darkness - Grace, Wed Feb 4 04:05
                                  His voice seemed to be coming from everywhere. She shut her eyes again, took a breath and focused. Something was touching her and she flinched before her mind made the connection. “Yeah.” she said,... more
                                  • Mine. - Leo, Wed Feb 4 04:54
                                    "Yeah." His voice was lower than usual, a growl lurking in the back of his throat that hadn't been there before. He kept her covered with his arms, with her head resting against his shoulder and the... more
                                    • Happiness is winning - Grace, Wed Feb 4 05:40
                                      She shifted, one of her hands finding one of his and linking their fingers. He was here, she was safe and happy ( she hadn’t realized she’d been unhappy until now). Outside, she knew, things would... more
                                      • Like - Leo, Wed Feb 4 05:58
                                        Three words never seemed so important and they weren't even the ones that all the stories made such a big fuss of. It didn't matter. They had come from her lips, in her voice and she meant them. That ... more
                                        • Later - Grace, Wed Feb 4 06:28
                                          She moved once more, to nuzzle at his neck and curl up against him. She'd been about to ask him what they did now, but his breath, warm and steady against her ear suggested now was not the time for... more
                            • What is and what was - Grace, Sun Feb 1 04:36
                              She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that... more
                            • Re: Last Chance - Grace, Sun Feb 1 00:40
                              She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that... more
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