Cheerful Bubbles
Wed Jan 28, 2015 07:54

"Did you do all of this?" he asked, gesturing at the patchwork sky.

For a moment, Grace considered saying yes, that it was an entirely Grace Schuler production, knowing neither of them would believe it. But there’d been a lot of unofficial trades--exchanges really- involved so instead she shrugged “ Everyone else has connections, why shouldn’t I?” He looked skeptical so she added “ Getting detention every year for five years without getting kicked out? That takes some serious effort. We’re not all thoughtless hooligans...most of the time.”

"It must have taken ages...and the spell work is complicated. I mean, if you consider Baghouse's Theorem and the intricate wrist work. “Had he been paying attention, he would have noticed the tail-twitching look she got as he spoke, like a cat allowing its human the dignity of petting it. “You must have been planning this for weeks! Plus there's the advanced Charms that...oh. Right." Leo's words trailed off as she fixed him with a raised eyebrow look. It was the one she reserved for when he got too 'dorky'. He was already smug about so much, no point in adding to it. He’d never make an effort then. Leo decided now probably wasn't the time but he couldn't help but admire the artistry all the same.

She began to lay out napkins, plates and glasses and by this point he'd decided that forts shouldn't be for kids at all. He watched her spell work, not as carefully done as the enchanted sky by with impressive results none-the-less. It smelled like he could eat it at least and that was a start. A few tentative mouthfuls and a reassuring nod to let her know he was enjoying it later and all the memories of the movie had vanished from his head.

She waited until he tried it first before tucking into her own plate, trying first to smell it without looking weird and ticking off the mental boxes of what was and wasn’t right. Maybe more garlic next time, but seriously who needs that much garlic in anything?

Grace took the napkin and twisted it until it formed the cooled bottle Troy had assured her was the best, most romantic in his collection of romantic drinks.

“There now, that planny enough?” She asked.

"I would definitely call it a plan," he agreed with a sly grin. It never did to let her know how impressed he was for fear she'd stop trying. He picked up the bottle and examined the label as she shrugged out of her coat. He poured the sparkling liquid into her offered glass. "Troy's finest I presume?"

Grace glanced down at her blouse, black bodice style with red flowers embroidered in strategic places. “No. It’s mine. It’s a little plain for Troy’s style. Not really sure about the sleeves.” She tugged at one so that it slipped off her shoulder, crinkled her nose at the look and put it back up again. The sleeves were a little too princessy, but the rest worked so she’d made do. Now Leo was giving her a look, the one that said she was missing the obvious. He gestured to the glass “Oh. That.” she said, slipping his jacket over her shoulders again. “ Of course. It is. Well, second finest. His first has love potions mixed in it.”

She took a sip. She had made sure to be specific in her request: No love potions, nothing high proofed, just the sort of thing moms and dads drink in front of a fire when the kids were away. Troy’s selection had been one that warmed the insides even as the bubbles traveled upwards to release small cheering charms into the brain. “It’s not bad though is it?”

He was frowning again. And though they devoted some of their alcove time to developing each others “mental talents,” she could follow his line of thought easy enough. Someone helped set this up. Troy provided drinks. That was a lot of people putting this plan together. “ I’ve taken care of the whole keeping this a secret part, don’t you worry. You’re not the only one who’s good with a threat.” She paused, the drink halfway to her lips. “Oh, might want to not sit near Pie-ell for a while. She’s gonna be a bit itchy. Maybe contagious. “

“What did you do?”

Grace‘s eyes widened into that innocent puppy-dog look. “Me? I didn’t do anything. That’s some firstie kinda spelling in her confetti popcorn there. “ She gathered part of the cloth into a pile and reclined against it to get a good view of the sky and the river, then inched her way closer to him. “Now, go on.”

“Go on with what?”

“Tell me all about Bagshot’s Theorem. “ He hesitated and she scooted closer. “You know you want to. Tell me. Tell me. “

Leo groaned and rolled his eyes. “ Grace, after all the exams, really?”


“You hate theory.”

“You love it. Tell me. Tell me. “

“ No…Grace--“

Her fingers walked up his shirt and she continued to wheedle him despite his protests. “Tell me. Tell me. Tell me now. Tell me now, or your brains will explode out your ears and I’m not cleaning it up. Tell me. Tell me.”

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                  She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that... more
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