What is and what was
Sun Feb 1, 2015 04:36

She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that somewhere in the babbling he had said yes and would have stopped her otherwise.

" God, you're frustrating." she said and made her move.

He had a way of making her feel real and Only. Only she could send him into fits of ranting. Only she could be trusted with his darker secrets. Only she could convince him to turn away from Smarty Hardy the Goody-Goody Teacher’s pet and be Leo. She loved it, loved this, loved the look on his face when she revealed she’d actually prepared for this moment. Grace Schuler, prepared. She giggled a little at that, she who was never prone to giggling. His hand moved down to behind her knee and she nearly stopped it. She already knew those weren’t her best features and didn’t want to weird him out of this moment but he murmured. It may have been words. All she heard was beautifully reassuring noise and she purred something back. He chuckled and she immediately locked the throaty sound of it into a box behind the door with the knight chess piece emblazoned on it, where no one else could every share it. When he made his move, she accepted it eagerly, closing her eyes to better hear her every nerve singing under his touch and kiss.

A door opened at the edge of her hearing. There were no actual doors in the ort. She opened her eyes.

They were in a room was full of cold tile managed that managed to be blindingly white and unfathomably dark at once. The tile was stacked to form a picture of woodlands. She looked around. There was something else.

Hardy? she whispered and realized she hadn’t said anything. Ice began to replace her blood as she realized what was happening.

No. No no no. Not now, not now of all times. But she couldn’t look away. She had to stand there and watch while a boy appeared. He swooshed and wooshed his wand around, making things appear in bright and shining colours. And she began to relax. There was nothing wrong here. She was safe. It was all okay.

Except for that shadow. The giant that flickered among the trees and was nothing but Anger. She turned away. There it was. That disgusting tub they’d had years ago. The one that was all old and caked with years of dirt that no cleaning spell was able to scour. All this, and the Bogeyman in the trees. He was gone now, but he’d be coming back. He’d find Randy hiding with the laundry and bring him back and momma was gone and she wouldn’t be back and he’d--

There was a brightness.

She turned again. The boy had cast a spell. A big one. A giant wolf stood where the Bogeyman had been. All red eyes and dripping fans. She couldn’t count it’s teeth, but she knew what they could do . The boy was gone. And she stood in his place. The wolf’s muzzle was to close to her face and it was growling something awful and her blood had been replaced with ice and her mind with fog and momma was gone and wasn’t coming back because the wolf had said so …

She squeezed her eyes shut holding on desperately to one thought. Leo…

“Are you alright?”

A voice was in her ear. She opened her eyes and found herself looking back into dark eyes in a warm face. She put a hand to that face and traced the sides, the lines of the lips, reminding herself that this this was real.

He asked her again and she realized her eyes were wetting again. She nodded and whispered “Yeah” . She wrapped her arms around him and pulled him close, trying like hell not to cry for what she’d Seen and what she’d missed by Seeing. She didn’t want to let go for fear he might vanish again or get angry with her and storm off.

Mine. It was a word and a feeling, wrapping around them both.

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    When she told him to stop he thought for sure that she meant everything. The date, the plan, the stars, everything. It was just like her to turn things sour when they were going so well. Leo blamed... more
    • 3rd draft - Grace, Tue Feb 3 07:33
      She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that... more
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        She didn't say no. That was what he focused on, even as she avoided answering his questions which was twice as frustrating than she seemed to think he was. In one uncharacteristically smooth... more
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          His voice seemed to be coming from everywhere. She shut her eyes again, took a breath and focused. Something was touching her and she flinched before her mind made the connection. “Yeah.” she said,... more
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            • Happiness is winning - Grace, Wed Feb 4 05:40
              She shifted, one of her hands finding one of his and linking their fingers. He was here, she was safe and happy ( she hadn’t realized she’d been unhappy until now). Outside, she knew, things would... more
              • Like - Leo, Wed Feb 4 05:58
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    • What is and what was - Grace, Sun Feb 1 04:36
    • Re: Last Chance - Grace, Sun Feb 1 00:40
      She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that... more
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