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The Climb
Wed Feb 4, 2015 03:21

She didn't say no.

That was what he focused on, even as she avoided answering his questions which was twice as frustrating than she seemed to think he was. In one uncharacteristically smooth movement, that he knew fine well he could never repeat, he had unfastened her jeans and was slowly working his way to her knees.

In his head, Leo did something he had never done before and stopped thinking. It was like turning the radio off after listening to faceless voices talk for too long and in the silence he found something like clarity. He was able to focus on what he was doing instead of imagining every possible outcome. He felt along the curved lines of her thigh and tucked his fingertips beneath the waistline of her jeans. Slowly, deliberately, he removed them.

Bathed in candlelight he began to explore her body. With his mind set entirely on the task he imagined himself to be better at it than he probably was but if she had a complaint she kept it quiet. His lips found the skin of her throat and lingered there. She rewarded him with a noise that he wanted to be just for him. He wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer until they were joined at the hips and then she opened her eyes.

"Are you alright?" he asked but she didn't hear him. Panic set in and he wondered if he'd hurt her or if she'd changed her mind about what they were doing or worse about him. He asked again, his voice making an involuntary wobbly sound. Only this time she answered.

"Yeah," she whispered and wrapped her arms around his shoulders tightly. Relief washed over him and he continued, though his mind now laid out like a minefield and every move was dangerous. Inevitably he stepped on one and the candle sputtered and died, plunging the tent into darkness.

He kept her close, running his fingers through her hair and stroking the slope of her shoulder as his breathing steadied.

"Grace," he whispered after they'd been quiet for what felt like minutes. He felt the tips of his ears go red too. Why did the dark make him feel like he had to whisper? "Grace," he shook her shoulder. "Grace? Are you okay?"

  • 3rd draft - Grace, Tue Feb 3 07:33
    She leaned away just a fraction and looked at him with a tilted head. Was he serious? How many ways could she say yes before he got the message. And for him...well, she was pretty certain that... more
    • The Climb - Leo, Wed Feb 4 03:21
      • in the darkness - Grace, Wed Feb 4 04:05
        His voice seemed to be coming from everywhere. She shut her eyes again, took a breath and focused. Something was touching her and she flinched before her mind made the connection. “Yeah.” she said,... more
        • Mine. - Leo, Wed Feb 4 04:54
          "Yeah." His voice was lower than usual, a growl lurking in the back of his throat that hadn't been there before. He kept her covered with his arms, with her head resting against his shoulder and the... more
          • Happiness is winning - Grace, Wed Feb 4 05:40
            She shifted, one of her hands finding one of his and linking their fingers. He was here, she was safe and happy ( she hadn’t realized she’d been unhappy until now). Outside, she knew, things would... more
            • Like - Leo, Wed Feb 4 05:58
              Three words never seemed so important and they weren't even the ones that all the stories made such a big fuss of. It didn't matter. They had come from her lips, in her voice and she meant them. That ... more
              • Later - Grace, Wed Feb 4 06:28
                She moved once more, to nuzzle at his neck and curl up against him. She'd been about to ask him what they did now, but his breath, warm and steady against her ear suggested now was not the time for... more
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