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Brad and Dagon
Wed Feb 4, 2015 06:13

Drinks. Drinks were good. He nodded and held the door open for her to go through first. He made a point to walk to the other end of the bar, to avoid looking suspicious. It was, unfortunately the part of the bar right next to Hounslow who was sipping a glass of Filcher's and idly turning the pages of his book.

"So" he said, not looking up " you borrowed her or quite a while."

Brad worked his jaw. "What's you're point?"

"No point.Just an observation."

Brad poked at the book. "Observe something useful."

Dagon sipped, then looked in Ri's direction. Max Bradbury had already joined her, but Brad could see her seeking him out. He caught her gaze and lifted
his glass, giving her a brief but happy smile.

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