Wed Feb 4, 2015 06:28

She moved once more, to nuzzle at his neck and curl up against him. She'd been about to ask him what they did now, but his breath, warm and steady against her ear suggested now was not the time for talking. She took her wand in hand again. The spells were small and simple, personal alarms really. But it meant they wouldn't be caught off-guard. There would be time to take everything down and clean up and pretend that she was totally supposed to be on kitchen duty. Later. Way later.

"It's okay" she whispered to him as she turned the lights down again. " You can sleep now. I'll keep us safe."

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    Three words never seemed so important and they weren't even the ones that all the stories made such a big fuss of. It didn't matter. They had come from her lips, in her voice and she meant them. That ... more
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