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Fri Feb 6, 2015 22:52

The night had gone very well for Brad. At least that's what he thought when he finally collapsed into bed that night. This morning thinking felt more difficult than usual and Bradbury was not helping by continuing to make sounds like " What really gets me" on an endless loop. What really should have got him was a punch in the face. Instead Brad glared into his...his...well it was watery and warm and smelled a bit like tea so he guessed that's what it was, until talk turned to the Chickpea.

"Ri is like this little kid. She talks like she knows things but she doesn't. She doesn't know anything and Hounslow is taking advantage of that."

Brad felt his face going red. He had thought Hounslow was a good enough man, but if he was taking advantage then...

But he wasn't. It was Brad taking the advantage. Well, he was Captain, wasn't he? It was his priority? He shook the thought. Stupid. Wasn't as if she hadn't said yes. Pretty often actually. And - he turned an eye towards where she was sitting with the younger, non-crazy member of the Schuler family - she didn't seem the worse for it.

Hell. The words and thoughts were doing nothing to stop the guilt that was knotting up his stomach and turning his eggs sour.

" So you're mad that you have to pay her now. It's just sandwiches man, you'll live."

  • And another thing... - Max, Fri Feb 6 22:29
    The late night at the Pit had produced more than one student who was worse for wear. Several pale faces crowded the Dining Hall, thanking their Gods it was Saturday. Trying to make it through a... more
    • Sandwiches - Brad, Fri Feb 6 22:52
      • The point - Max, Fri Feb 6 23:11
        "The sandwiches are not the point," Max growled, his grip tightening around the glass. He'd much rather be paying her in cheese toasties than the original 4 galleons a drink (man, had he learned his... more
        • Re: The point - Brad, Fri Feb 6 23:49
          Swallow tea, then laugh. That was a lot more difficult than his brain was making it sound, but Brad preserved. As always. "Yes" he agreed. " She always listens to me. That's why most of her life has... more
          • To The Death - Max, Sat Feb 7 00:04
            Max had stopped listening. Hounslow had somehow found his way over to Twig and locked himself in conversation with her. His hands became fists and his knuckles were gradually making dents in the... more
            • Re: To The Death - Brad, Sat Feb 7 00:32
              Brad clutched his coffee - it had to be coffee, it was sort of brown looking - and stood when Mx did. Mostly it was too keep Basey eyes off him. She was starting to wake up a bit and that waking... more
              • Extremely Stubborn & Suspicious - Arabella, Sat Feb 7 00:49
                The orange juice was helping, but not nearly enough to counteract Max. She'd only gotten out of bed because he hadn't stopped talking since the moment he'd woken up and she'd hoped that giving him... more
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