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The point
Fri Feb 6, 2015 23:11

"The sandwiches are not the point," Max growled, his grip tightening around the glass. He'd much rather be paying her in cheese toasties than the original 4 galleons a drink (man, had he learned his lesson there) but that didn't matter. They were best friends, they'd be exchanging foodstuffs until they died, quit or graduated.

"What is the point?" Arabella sighed.

"The point is..." he followed Brad's gaze quickly. Ri was sitting with some young boy, smiling happily and twirling her hair when the pretty Prince walked by. Those two had just made it onto his hit list as well.

"The point is we have to do something. Find out what happened last night."

"How do you propose we do that?" Arabella said. She was mostly running on autopilot as it was, mornings not being her favourite time of day and mornings after nights of heavy drinking even less so. Luckily her brain had come up with plans and backups that kept her responses sounding like she cared.

"You can ask her," Max suggested. Arabella laughed.

"No. No. No. Not my team mate. Not my problem. Why don't you ask her if you're so worked up about it?"

"She won't tell me anything," Max huffed.

"Oh, I wonder why!" she rolled her eyes and exchanged a look with Bradley. Max was well known for having a big mouth. It was no surprise that someone as secretive as the Thestral beater wouldn't tell the biggest gossip in school her secrets.

"You should ask her," Max stated finally, turning to Brad. "You're the Captain. She'll listen to you."

  • Sandwiches - Brad, Fri Feb 6 22:52
    The night had gone very well for Brad. At least that's what he thought when he finally collapsed into bed that night. This morning thinking felt more difficult than usual and Bradbury was not helping ... more
    • The point - Max, Fri Feb 6 23:11
      • Re: The point - Brad, Fri Feb 6 23:49
        Swallow tea, then laugh. That was a lot more difficult than his brain was making it sound, but Brad preserved. As always. "Yes" he agreed. " She always listens to me. That's why most of her life has... more
        • To The Death - Max, Sat Feb 7 00:04
          Max had stopped listening. Hounslow had somehow found his way over to Twig and locked himself in conversation with her. His hands became fists and his knuckles were gradually making dents in the... more
          • Re: To The Death - Brad, Sat Feb 7 00:32
            Brad clutched his coffee - it had to be coffee, it was sort of brown looking - and stood when Mx did. Mostly it was too keep Basey eyes off him. She was starting to wake up a bit and that waking... more
            • Extremely Stubborn & Suspicious - Arabella, Sat Feb 7 00:49
              The orange juice was helping, but not nearly enough to counteract Max. She'd only gotten out of bed because he hadn't stopped talking since the moment he'd woken up and she'd hoped that giving him... more
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