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Re: The point
Fri Feb 6, 2015 23:49

Swallow tea, then laugh.

That was a lot more difficult than his brain was making it sound, but Brad preserved. As always.

"Yes" he agreed. " She always listens to me. That's why most of her life has involved her being grounded. What what what exactly am I supposed to say anyway? ' thing, you playing around with Hounslow's...twiggy...thing.' That'll work out great." Basey made a snorting sound. "See?"

  • The point - Max, Fri Feb 6 23:11
    "The sandwiches are not the point," Max growled, his grip tightening around the glass. He'd much rather be paying her in cheese toasties than the original 4 galleons a drink (man, had he learned his... more
    • Re: The point - Brad, Fri Feb 6 23:49
      • To The Death - Max, Sat Feb 7 00:04
        Max had stopped listening. Hounslow had somehow found his way over to Twig and locked himself in conversation with her. His hands became fists and his knuckles were gradually making dents in the... more
        • Re: To The Death - Brad, Sat Feb 7 00:32
          Brad clutched his coffee - it had to be coffee, it was sort of brown looking - and stood when Mx did. Mostly it was too keep Basey eyes off him. She was starting to wake up a bit and that waking... more
          • Extremely Stubborn & Suspicious - Arabella, Sat Feb 7 00:49
            The orange juice was helping, but not nearly enough to counteract Max. She'd only gotten out of bed because he hadn't stopped talking since the moment he'd woken up and she'd hoped that giving him... more
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