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Extremely Stubborn & Suspicious
Sat Feb 7, 2015 00:49

The orange juice was helping, but not nearly enough to counteract Max. She'd only gotten out of bed because he hadn't stopped talking since the moment he'd woken up and she'd hoped that giving him food would solve that. There was nothing more disappointing than when she was wrong.

Hounslow didn't worry her. He was on her team after all and at the end of the day she just couldn't see him being anything like as predatory as Max was implying. He was just too...bookish. Bryant on the other hand was looking guilty as hell but it would take much more than orange juice before she could work on that problem.

"Speaking of the game..." she got to her feet just as the boys sat down. "I'm going to get ready. I'll see you losers on the pitch right before I kick your sorry little butts." She gave Bryant a suspicious look, like she knew he was up to something but couldn't figure out what yet. Then she leaned over and kissed Max on the cheek. "Bye baby!"

  • Re: To The Death - Brad, Sat Feb 7 00:32
    Brad clutched his coffee - it had to be coffee, it was sort of brown looking - and stood when Mx did. Mostly it was too keep Basey eyes off him. She was starting to wake up a bit and that waking... more
    • Extremely Stubborn & Suspicious - Arabella, Sat Feb 7 00:49
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