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The Thestrals
Bad Losers
Sat Feb 7, 2015 01:41

The Thestrals mumbled something in unison, shuffling their feet and avoiding their Captain's ice like stare. The weather had been bad, sure, but only Keats thought that was why they lost and that was only because he didn't know any better. The rest of them thought it probably had more to do with Bradley's training regime than anything else. No one was daring enough to say it though.

Rhys let go his hand from where he'd clamped over Keats mouth and sighed. "We could look at the Holmberg play again? I know you didn't like it but its helped us against the Firestorms before." There was some more general mumbling. No one liked the Holmberg play, it took too many people to pull off and only had a one in three chance of scoring. Not great odds.

The Firestorms were the only team they'd ever lost to and by the time the Thestrals had figured out counter moves they were already ten steps ahead. Ruby Fraser had been a big part of that but Basey was just as smart and she didn't make her team run a hundred laps before they even got in the air. They hadn't even played badly, which made Bradley's speech all the worse. There were some games, they all though, that they just couldn't win.

Max purposefully said nothing. His girlfriend was the Captain of the winning team and anything that came out of his mouth would just be met with a cold stare. All Ranger Pitt could think of was 'sorry' and that didn't help anyone. Malone and Keats, as the newest members, tried to be invisible. Only their Beater had anything to say in their defence.

"We couldn't have done anything," she tried to reason. The reply was not as level-headed.

  • Idiot Juice - Brad, Sat Feb 7 01:23
    It was another day of lousy winter weather, that stopped all but the hardest Quidditch enthusiasts in the school( and their relatives. And boyfriends. And girlfriends) from attending. Lack of an... more
    • Bad Losers - The Thestrals, Sat Feb 7 01:41
      • distractions - Brad, Sat Feb 7 02:42
        "wrong." It was one word, but it had at least three different words behind it. " We, could have done a lot. Distractions for one. I've been seeing nothing from you guys this term but distractions.... more
        • Fatality - Ri, Sat Feb 7 02:57
          The word 'wrong' had come out his mouth in a spew of dark greys and vicious reds which, if it hadn't been so stinging, she would have enjoyed as very Thestrally. Still, it wasn't the worst thing he'd ... more
          • it's you - Brad, Sat Feb 7 03:35
            He ran a hand over his neck and tried to avoid punching anything afterwards. It was a massive effort. ďItís you. This whole time, thereís just been a massive distraction. And itís you.Ē He could... more
            • Faces - Ri, Sat Feb 7 04:03
              He ran a hand over his neck and tried to avoid punching anything afterwards. It was a massive effort. ďItís you. This whole time, thereís just been a massive distraction. And itís you." He couldn't... more
              • stupid post is stupid - Brad, Sat Feb 7 04:44
                "Done?" There were too many thoughts running through his head, too many variations on that questions, are 'we' done. He would love to explain it to her and figure out which way she meant but it was... more
                • Still fine - Ri, Sat Feb 7 04:59
                  Merlin, this was painful. Worse than that broken arm, definitely worse than the headache after her trip to the chandelier and way beyond how she'd felt this morning. None of it was for the reasons... more
                  • Re: Still fine - Brad, Sat Feb 7 05:15
                    He watched her leave. He really needed to stop doing that. She needed to stop making him want to do that. He was older, he told himself, he was older and her Captain and it was his job to not want... more
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