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stupid post is stupid
Sat Feb 7, 2015 04:44


There were too many thoughts running through his head, too many variations on that questions, are 'we' done. He would love to explain it to her and figure out which way she meant but it was just too much to pile on, on top of their defeat and the idea of Arabella Basey's smug little face later on was just too too much.

" That's exactly what I mean. We are done" She made a move to leave and he blocked her with his arm across the locker again " No more distractions. Not even to others. Can't have everyone taking their minds of 'us' as a team. And you" he found his gaze wandering and forced it back to her face. "Will not. Distract me."

  • Faces - Ri, Sat Feb 7 04:03
    He ran a hand over his neck and tried to avoid punching anything afterwards. It was a massive effort. ďItís you. This whole time, thereís just been a massive distraction. And itís you." He couldn't... more
    • stupid post is stupid - Brad, Sat Feb 7 04:44
      • Still fine - Ri, Sat Feb 7 04:59
        Merlin, this was painful. Worse than that broken arm, definitely worse than the headache after her trip to the chandelier and way beyond how she'd felt this morning. None of it was for the reasons... more
        • Re: Still fine - Brad, Sat Feb 7 05:15
          He watched her leave. He really needed to stop doing that. She needed to stop making him want to do that. He was older, he told himself, he was older and her Captain and it was his job to not want... more
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