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John Fiddle & Orion Hardy
Third Time Unlucky
Sat Feb 7, 2015 05:29

"You," he bellowed clear across the corridor, his voice carrying above the crowd. Ri didn't look around at first, mostly because 'You' could be anyone and if they did mean her she wasn't going to answer to such a generic yell. She had a name, even if no one knew it.

"Hey, Hardy!" the call came again, this time accompanied by a sharp tug on her arm. She glared at the spot where his hand had clasped around her wrist and followed his arm until their eyes met. It stayed there until he let go.

"What do you want?" she scowled at him. Losing to the Firestorms had made her grumpy, Bradley had made it worse and Fiddle was swaying dangerously close to making her livid.

Fiddle ran a hand through his hair and pulled himself to his full height, puffing out his chest. "You're coming on the Treasure Hunt with me," he told her.

Normally she responded well to boys telling her what to do. It was an effect of intensive Thestral training and magical puppet strings. Unfortunately for Fiddle he had picked the wrong day and even if he hadn't she would still be the wrong girl.

A merciless laugh escaped her lips and she shook her head.

"I don't think so," she growled and turned.

"Hey!" he frowned, trying once more to pull her back. "I'm not done with you."

As days went, this was one of the worst she'd had in a long time. That didn't mean she was desperate enough to fall back on John Fiddle. His emotions were black and had sharp edges and she wanted none of it.

"But I am done with you," she told him, shortly and louder than intended. She took a few paces forward and he moved a few paces back. "Remember what happened last time? Touch me again and you'll wake up minus body parts."

Fiddle growled somewhere deep in his throat and stalked off to lick his wounds. Orion made it to the Dining Hall just in time to witness an exchange that managed to make her already bad day just that little bit worse.

    • Timing - Georgia, Sat Feb 7 05:46
      Georgia had been waiting for the perfect moment. Like any good hunter she knew her prey's most vulnerable moments and exploited them to great effect. After the duel with Leo she had been forced to... more
      • and? - Brad, Sat Feb 7 06:15
        It was entirely impossible for wizard to glare heat into cup, but it seemed to be working out for Brad. The heat did nothing but make his knuckles throb a little harder. He'd used the wrong hand to... more
        • Action Man - Georgia, Sat Feb 7 06:43
          If Georgia had been worried about his reaction to her opening line it didn't show and, had it existed, would have vanished the moment he opened his mouth. Bryant was not a man for words, which made... more
          • what they say - Brad, Sat Feb 7 07:03
            He turned toward her, watching the path of her finger. "Discreet. Action." he said. It had been that sort of day and he could do worse than Derby. But he still wasn't entirely sure. He'd probably... more
            • Satisfaction - Georgia, Sat Feb 7 07:16
              A satisfied glint appeared in the depths of her eyes as he made it clear that her efforts were to be rewarded. The hunter had secured her prey and with much less exertion than she'd anticipated.... more
              • now and then - Brad, Sat Feb 7 07:27
                He nearly smiled, but that seemed too much like tempting fate to do so. Especially when he was still aching. She seemed to be ready to get going, but he eased her hand from his arm. " Not now." He... more
                • Worth it - Georgia / Ri / Troy, Sat Feb 7 07:55
                  "I'm sure you're worth it," Georgia replied. With only the slightest tilt of her head she kissed his cheek and made a similar display of walking away from him as she had on the approach. An hour to... more
                  • unpleased - Brad, Sat Feb 7 08:14
                    He watched Georgia Derby walk away and it was a good view. Then he turned to see his...the Chickpea in the arms of Troy Bastrova. Troy and Georgia weren't a couple. They were barely an item, everyone ... more
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