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Sat Feb 7, 2015 05:46

Georgia had been waiting for the perfect moment. Like any good hunter she knew her prey's most vulnerable moments and exploited them to great effect. After the duel with Leo she had been forced to retreat but that hadn't stopped her from receiving important information. Bradley Bryant and Aya Gee were no longer an item. Indeed, if rumours were to be believed, Miss Gee had already moved on to another, much less physically fit specimen and she could not have been more pleased. This left the burly Thestral Captain free to pursue a higher class of women and Georgia Derby was, naturally, only to happy to oblige.

Her hips moved effortlessly from side to side as though being controlled by a metronome and the sultry walk which resulted turned the heads of more than one onlooker. They did not interest her. Instead she made a B-line (ha!) straight for the table where Bradley was sitting and slid delicately into the chair beside him. As subtlety had not been particularly effective last time she opted for the bold approach. One leg brushed firmly against his and her hand trailed the line of his jaw.

"I know your secret," she purred into his ear.

  • Third Time Unlucky - John Fiddle & Orion Hardy, Sat Feb 7 05:29
    "You," he bellowed clear across the corridor, his voice carrying above the crowd. Ri didn't look around at first, mostly because 'You' could be anyone and if they did mean her she wasn't going to... more
    • Timing - Georgia, Sat Feb 7 05:46
      • and? - Brad, Sat Feb 7 06:15
        It was entirely impossible for wizard to glare heat into cup, but it seemed to be working out for Brad. The heat did nothing but make his knuckles throb a little harder. He'd used the wrong hand to... more
        • Action Man - Georgia, Sat Feb 7 06:43
          If Georgia had been worried about his reaction to her opening line it didn't show and, had it existed, would have vanished the moment he opened his mouth. Bryant was not a man for words, which made... more
          • what they say - Brad, Sat Feb 7 07:03
            He turned toward her, watching the path of her finger. "Discreet. Action." he said. It had been that sort of day and he could do worse than Derby. But he still wasn't entirely sure. He'd probably... more
            • Satisfaction - Georgia, Sat Feb 7 07:16
              A satisfied glint appeared in the depths of her eyes as he made it clear that her efforts were to be rewarded. The hunter had secured her prey and with much less exertion than she'd anticipated.... more
              • now and then - Brad, Sat Feb 7 07:27
                He nearly smiled, but that seemed too much like tempting fate to do so. Especially when he was still aching. She seemed to be ready to get going, but he eased her hand from his arm. " Not now." He... more
                • Worth it - Georgia / Ri / Troy, Sat Feb 7 07:55
                  "I'm sure you're worth it," Georgia replied. With only the slightest tilt of her head she kissed his cheek and made a similar display of walking away from him as she had on the approach. An hour to... more
                  • unpleased - Brad, Sat Feb 7 08:14
                    He watched Georgia Derby walk away and it was a good view. Then he turned to see his...the Chickpea in the arms of Troy Bastrova. Troy and Georgia weren't a couple. They were barely an item, everyone ... more
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