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Georgia / Ri / Troy
Worth it
Sat Feb 7, 2015 07:55

"I'm sure you're worth it," Georgia replied. With only the slightest tilt of her head she kissed his cheek and made a similar display of walking away from him as she had on the approach. An hour to prepare was a luxury indeed and though she didn't need it, she was certainly going to use it.

The striking figure of the B girl passed by her and the look she received could only be described as a mixture of pity and boasting. Ri had watched the scene from the doorway, a nagging something knotting in her stomach the entire time. She shrugged that off as annoyance, having to deal with more than just Fiddle trying to ask her out when she was only interested in what was happening between Georgia Derby and her...the Captain.

It was a heated exchange, that much she could tell, but unlike before she was now entirely aware of exactly what that meant and what is was they were going to do. The thought made her sick and she didn't know why but it all boiled down to the horrible realisation that she couldn't hold a candle up to Georgia. She was sophisticated, smart and sexy and Orion was just...a Thestral.

She tugged at her curls, accidentally catching the cut above her left eye with her sleeve. Stupid Ellie and her stupid sequins. Before anyone could notice that she'd been loitering she made to leave. Getting back to the common room and sleeping until the end of the year sounded, at this moment, like the best plan ever. She didn't get that far though as a muscular figure stood in her path.

"What's the hurry little bit?" he asked. An arm had wrapped around her shoulders before she'd even registered who it was and given the way the day was going she could not have been more thankful that it turned out to be Troy.

"Oh, nothing," she said, trying to sound cheerful. Her sleeve was still pressed to her cut and red was blossoming slowly through the cotton.

"You're bleeding," he told her and pulled a crisp, white silk handkerchief from his pocket. Emblazoned with the Bastrova family crest, naturally. Gently, he prized away her hand and held the fabric across the cut.

"Thanks," she blushed. Troy was the nicest feeling she could have asked for, golden and full of light. Nothing like the others.

"All better," he grinned. "Now, you were telling me where you're running off to..."

"Oh! I wasn't really...I was just...Are you and Georgia still a thing?" He seemed surprised at the question.

"Only when it suits me. Why?" That reply made her miserable.

"No reason," she mumbled.

"Ahuh," he grinned again. It was charming and reassuring. "Now I've got you..." he squeezed her shoulder gently. "I was wondering if you'd mind doing me a favour?"

"Sure," she tried to smile.

"Would you, Ri, care to join me at the party?"

Orion realised that this was the first time that he'd used her name and that she liked it.

"The fireworks party?" she asked, surprised.

"Of course. I'm afraid I can't offer the treasure hunt but then you already know the answer to the puzzles. So I thought that you and I could crack open a bottle of my finest whiskey and see where the night takes us. Hm?"

She glanced over to where Bradley was standing, now talking to Rhys. That was enough to make up her mind for her.

"That'd be great," she smiled at him, genuinely this time.

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    • Worth it - Georgia / Ri / Troy, Sat Feb 7 07:55
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