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Sat Feb 7, 2015 08:14

He watched Georgia Derby walk away and it was a good view. Then he turned to see his...the Chickpea in the arms of Troy Bastrova. Troy and Georgia weren't a couple. They were barely an item, everyone knew that. But seeing him like that, it began to feel much more like a scheme the two had come up with. He wouldn't guess that Bastrova had it in him, but Derby was cunning enough to make any mand do what she wanted.

'Bradley Bryant is not pleased' was a common joke among the Thestrals; the idea that their Captain was rarely , if ever happy. Not Pleased was barely the tip the iceberg for what he was feeling now. Bradbury was right. Something would have to be done about all this. Might even need to be a few limb reversals to make sure the lesson stuck.

Well, he had an hour to think it over and figure something out.

  • Worth it - Georgia / Ri / Troy, Sat Feb 7 07:55
    "I'm sure you're worth it," Georgia replied. With only the slightest tilt of her head she kissed his cheek and made a similar display of walking away from him as she had on the approach. An hour to... more
    • unpleased - Brad, Sat Feb 7 08:14
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