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Max / Ri / Arabella
Quidditch & Cake
Mon Feb 9, 2015 05:28

The Reym Common Room was quiet. Both the Thestrals and the Firestorms had forgone the usual after-match party. The Thestrals weren't in the mood and everybody else was still suffering the effects of the previous night so those that hadn't gone to bed already were lounging around snoozing. Max and Arabella were sitting by the fire, their arms around one another, whilst they discussed their favourite topics of Quidditch and cake. It was peaceful enough that had Blackwell been there she would have found it highly suspicious, but she wouldn't have been worried for long.

An almighty slam signalled the arrival of the only Thestral not to be attached by the face to someone else, causing a lot of jolting and embarrassed looks. Ri gave the room a glare that informed them she didn't give a damn and everyone smart enough went back to looking busy as quickly as possible. Max wasn't smart.

He called over to her, shuffling so that she could sit on the coffee table between his and Arabella's legs. She did so, with her arms crossed and a blank expression on her face.

"Hey, have you seen Brad?" he asked hopefully. The Captain had said he was going to talk to her about Hounslow but he liked to do things in his own sweet time and there was no guarantee he'd gotten around to it.

"I've seen him," she replied. Had he known better he would have stopped the line of questioning there, but he didn't.

"Where is he? I need him to settle a debate on which broom is better - Firebolt or Comet." Both were classics and both had their merits, he and Arabella had agreed on that much but that was all.

"Balgren," she told him. "And neither. The Cosmo is the only classic broom worth having."

"Huh," he looked at Arabella and she shrugged. Neither of them had thought of the Cosmo. Wait a minute. "Balgren? What's he doing there?"

"Georgia Derby."

Ri had been in the Balgren Common Room with Troy. He'd insisted she let him sew up the cut above her eye. Normally she would only have let Petals do such a thing but he'd been giving her worried looks lately and kept trying to feed her strange smelling potions. She suspected he knew something about the voices and she didn't want to push her luck so she'd allowed Troy to do the stitches. Real silver thread now glistened in a neat line above her left eye. That was when Bradley had walked in and when Georgia had appeared at the top of the stairs in nothing but stockings and a dressing gown. That was when she left.

"Woah!" Max sat up straight, almost kicking his solitary bottle of beer from the table. "Mr I-Only-Have-Eyes-For-Aya-Gee bagged a B?! Way to go Brad! I mean Georgia is like woah sexy and she..." he caught Arabella's expression. "But I'm wrong," he said quickly and shrank back into his seat. "She's demanding and...I'll stop talking."

"I thought she was with Troy?" Arabella asked politely whilst slapping Max over the back of the head.

"Only when it suits him," Ri shrugged. The couple exchanged glances. The young Reym girl was as far from a gossip as you could get, but here she was with news even Max hadn't heard yet and without asking for anything in return. The look on her face said she didn't care but Arabella, who was much smarter than her boyfriend, suspected that wasn't the case.

"Did he talk to you? Brad, I mean," Max asked.

"Words were said. Not sure you'd call it talking."

"What did he say?"

"Oh you know. I broke the team. Everything is my fault. The usual."

"Nothing about Hous...ow!" Arabella had given him another whack, for his own good as much as his best friend's. Ri clearly didn't want to talk about Bradley and she wasn't going to keep poking an angry Thestral. It was strange though. Normally when Ri was angry she yelled, and hit things and set them on fire. This was different. Her voice was cold and her face was blank and Arabella didn't like it at all.

"I thought you played really well," she offered. "You had Furlow on the ropes for most of the game." That was true enough. Before she'd become Captain Arabella had often thought that Ri would make an excellent Firestorm but it was clear she would never leave the Thestrals.

"Thanks," came the unemotional response. Then, "I'm going to bed. Night."

They watched her leave and only when she was safely at the top of the stairs and they'd heard a distant door slam did they turn to each other.

"Something's going on there," Arabella whispered hurriedly. Max may be the bigger gossip but she was no better and she had a brain.

"She's just sore about losing," Max waved off. True, he'd never seen her so calm and angry at the same time but that didn't mean anything.

"You are sore about losing. She looks like she could kill."

"So you do think something happened with Hounslow then?" Max tried to sit up again, his hands already in fists ready to fight. Her arm shot out and pushed him back into his seat.

"Ug! Stop it with the Hounslow thing. He couldn't hurt a fly!"

"He tied me to a lamp post!"

"You know that was her idea and you deserved it." Max chewed it over. All true, but he still didn't get her point.

"So..." he looked to her for help. "You can't mean the Captain?"

"Why not?" Arabella pressed. "He looked guilty as hell at breakfast and now she's acting like that..."

"Not a chance," Max dismissed the thought without skipping a beat. He didn't know her name until a few weeks ago and had only split up with Aya a few weeks before that. Besides, they hated each other most of the time.

"If someone had told you that you had broken the team and the loss was your fault what would you do?"

"Knock him out."

"What would she do?"

"Knock him dead."

"Then why isn't Brad in the Nurse's Office?"

Max opened his mouth, paused, and shut it again. He didn't have an answer and Arabella looked smug so she must be right. He just couldn't buy it though.

"They're just fighting. It's normal. Trust me, by tomorrow they'll be back to trying to kill each other." Though, there was a nagging feeling and suddenly he wasn't so sure.

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