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An Ensemble piece
tresaure hunt
Mon Feb 9, 2015 06:04

He ran a hand over his neck and tried to avoid punching anything afterwards. It was a massive effort.

“It’s you. This whole time, there’s just been a massive distraction. And it’s you.” He could explain how or why, but he knew it. “What happened last night with you and me and…that should have happened. It was just more distraction among all the others and it broke us. As a team, it broke us. You saw it out there for yourself, don’t shake your head at him. So what we did then, shouldn’t have happened and can’t happen again.” Not that it wasn’t good and he didn’t want it to happen again, but a man needed to have priorities in a clear order if anything was going to get done. “You get that?”

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      It had been an exceptionally boring Saturday. Not only were classes finally over but the main festivities didn’t start until after dinner. There had been mini hunts during the day for things like... more
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