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Mon Feb 9, 2015 06:10

It had been an exceptionally boring Saturday. Not only were classes finally over but the main festivities didn’t start until after dinner. There had been mini hunts during the day for things like chocolates and oranges. and chocolate oranges, a few darts games and Exploding Snap Classic tournaments, but everyone was waiting for the big event. So ready that they almost missed the first genuine clue.

“Sorry we’re late” Ellie gasped, dragging Dean along with her. “There were some girls having trouble with the disappearing mug. Clue.”

“That had to have been the easiest clue in the history of clues” Dean said “ It’s just hot water. How is that even a proper clue?”

“Well they were B-girls. “ Ellie said, then covered her mouth “ I mean…what I meant to say is that maybe they’re just not used to seeing things like that.”

“Nevermind that” Becca told them, after greeting her friend with a quick hug,. The boys exchanged quizzical looks and settled for welcoming nods “ The important thing is that you made it past. Randy and I got hung up a bit on a spoken word riddle about cats. “

“Please don’t mention cats” Randy groaned .

“Sorry.” Becca replied. She pecked him on the cheek and pointedly ignored the fact that he looked at her like she’d just slipped him her room key.

“The next clue is supposed to be around the corner, but just in case.” Randy took out a rock he had brought along just in case and tossed it down the corridor. They had already past one group that was having trouble by the Courtyen..

The stone clicked and rolled along the ground , finally coming to a stop in front of itself. The four gingerly followed it, and saw that their reflections looking back at them. Ellie’s waved enthusiastically at her.

There was a paper stuck at the top

“Honesty is the next and best step
You can’t hide your lies from me.
To move forward with the one you love
Tell me what it is about them you most abhor.”

The four looked at each other.

“Well that was stupid.” Dean said at least “Was that supposed to be a poem? It didn’t even rhyme. And who says ‘abhor’?”

“ ‘Abhor’ . Like what we hate? Spiders and stuff?” Ellie asked.

“I wouldn’t think so. If it’s talking about relationships then it would have to mean couples right?”

“ But we’re not a couple “ Ellie said, indicating her and Dena “Oh. Are we? Because I just thought--”

“This is only our second date. Don’t think it counts.”

“Oh good. Not that it should be good. I’d love to be a couple if you wanted to be one but not if you didn’t want to be one, then I’d been fine with not being one only--”

“This is making my head hurt.”

“Sorry. I’ll just be quiet now.”

“Yes. Please.”

“Ease up will you?” Randy said. He’d been listening to Ellie go on about Dean for a while and while they had the same classes ,they’d written each other off sometime in first year and Randy had spent the last few years being tangentially annoyed by his continued existence. “She’s just nervous.”

“ Why don’t you mind your business book boy?”

“Shut it, douche.”

Beside them, the reflections of Randy and Dean tilted their heads side to side.

“Boys please, you know I hate it when you fight.”

Becca’s reflection tilted it‘s head downward.

“ You know, what I ‘abhor‘ is you going around like you’re too good for classes, just because you’ve actually travelled a few places.”

Randy’s reflection nodded .

Dean step forward, balling up a fist. “What gets me, is you’re a pompous know-it-all jackass who thinks he can his crazy sister’s hooked up with a prince.”

Dean’s reflection nodded.

Something clicked. Becca looked at the mirror. The reflections of Becca and Ellie looked at each other.

“Ellie quick,” she said “ tell my what most bothers you about being my roommate.”

“Uhmmm.ehmm.. I don’t know. I’ve never had a roommate before.”

“Ellie come on. Please. Just one thinng.”

“I don’t know.”

Becca sighed. She knew Ellie had a list of things. They’d even gone over it at one point. And at the top of that list, underlined in red and purple and pink was “Just say the hamper thing.”

“Oh, I hate that you never put your dirty clothes in the hamper on washing days and…and you never put the caps back on any of the bottles you use and things just spill everywhere.”

Becca looked over her shoulder. Ellie’s reflection. Tilted her head up , pursed her lips in an imitation of thinking, then nodded.
Ellie looked like a deer in headlights, but braced herself for Becca’s onslaught.

“Ellie” she took a breath and confessed “ I don’t like the Fluffy unicorn CD. Or Unicorns at all, actually. Or fairies. If I have to isten to Powder Blue one more time, I may burn our room down. “

Ellie gasped, and Ellie’s reflection shot Becca’s a look that suggested that last part was a little harsh, but both nodded.

“Okay, now Randy your turn. Tell me what bothers you most about me,”

He didn’t have to really think about it. “ You’re not my mom, and you really need to stop trying to be.”

His reflection nodded.


“You said.” he turned to Ellie “And’re clingy. And you have bad taste in boyfriend.” He looked. His reflection Looked back. “ But most of all, you really do need to work on the excessive talking part.” He looked. A nod.

“Yes well, “ said Becca “you’re not nearly as brilliant and charming as you think you are.”

“And you can be just plain old stuck-up.” Ellie responded. “You’re not better than us just cause you’ve got a head sickness.”

Their reflections nodded. Another click.

“Now Ellie, you and Dean.”

“Uhm, it’s only the second date. This sounds more like a fourht or fifth sort of--”

“Just do it-” Said Becca in her best Mom voice.

“Fine.” Dean sighed and shoved his hands in his pockets.”

“You’re ears.” Ellie said at last.

“What about them?”

“They stick out too much. And your eyes are too blue. And…and…and your shoulders are really, really broad. Annoyingly so.” she paused “Also your breath smells like parsley.”

Dean raised a brow. His reflection checked it’s breath. Ellie’s reflection nodded, despite the looks of her companions.

“ You sneeze like a church mouse and your laugh is way too high-pitched. Seriously, I could call birds with it.”

Dean’s reflection nodded .

“Also your hair. It’s all…brown. And stuff.” His reflection rolled it’s eyes and another click occurred. The reflections faded out and the mirror swung sideways to show the rest of the corridor.

“This hunt is annoying as balls.” Dean informed it as they walked past. His reflection shrugged as if to say “Yeah, but what can you do?”

They passed onwards by other students, some of who were rushing in excitement a few who were squabbling loudly over their answers. One of them, Bernadette Keats, was chasing a winged pillow threatening to turn it into sauce if it turn itself into a flippin’ bird already (thought her word was considerably more colourful than flippin’) “Damn you!” She shouted. “I hate Transfiguration.”

Her word echoes off the halls down to where a group of boys were already involved in a scuffle. Alexander Rochester, Harvey Poole had been the first ones to arrive in the alcove. There was nothing there but a pillar on which sat a statue of a snow leopard in a hat. with a cardboard sign that said. HUG ME.

Rochester slapped Poole on the back. “All right man, let’s go.” The two raced forward and collided with Marcus Headley and Colt Haynes.

“The hell man?!” Marcus said “Watch where you’re going.”

“You watch it. “ said Poole. “We were here first.”

“So, we’re closer now back off” Colt reached for the leopard, but Rochester grabbed him

“Oh no you don’t. That prize is mine. And you all can just sit back and watch the Hardy chick and me sit on a throne of glory.”

“Like hell, “ said Headley, at the same time as Poole said “ You mean ours.“ Haynes interjected “She’d never go for you.”

Haynes’s voice won out with “ You? You can’t even lifted a bat. You’d never get near her.”

“Oh like you’ve got a chance, Bowl-cut.” Keats said.

“More than you “Oh I’ll show you punching bag.”

The four boys piled together in a mess of fists and kicks. So no one noticed when another girl slipped into the room. She watched the scuffle, noting that, for someone from a family of champion duellers, boxers, and fairly famous athletes, Poole was a really bad kicker. Her partner hissed at her.


She turned her attention to the task at hand. It was a fluffy white spotty cat in a fluffly black hat. Was it physically impossible to make just a normal Portkey? She picked it up off the pillar. She paused again. One the boys, she couldn’t tell who- actually had a really nice--


She walked around the corner to where Leo was picking the last of the vine from around his leg. “ That was stupidly simple. “ He frowned at her and she held out the plush animal. “ This will make your leg feel better. His name is Sammy.”

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    He ran a hand over his neck and tried to avoid punching anything afterwards. It was a massive effort. “It’s you. This whole time, there’s just been a massive distraction. And it’s you.” He could... more
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