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Sat Feb 21, 2015 22:10

It was well known that the second class of the day started at precisely 10:15, in which roll was quickly taken and the week‘s newest lesson expanded upon. Unless that class was Transfiguration, in which case, class began at sometime before lunch, roll was taken at the end of class, if at all, and today’s lesson was whatever proved most interesting. It was a good time for people like Ted to make their way from desk to desk, offering sweets, quills and parchments to those who’d forgotten them .

“All for the spectacularly low price of whatever in your pockets . That’s right, we accept not only coins, but trades-in-kind. Ice mice, yo-yos, whatever you’ve got we can deal. “

The hardest kids to sell to where the ones directly in the Professors eyeline. The boys and girls with the neat desks who were looking over their homework to make absolutely sure everything was right. You had to make a special effort with them, to prove they were getting the best quality and that you weren’t just some back alley dealer.

“And hello to you” He said as he reached the desk of the blonde haired girl with the neat roll of quills. “Now before you say no, let me just say that as lovely as all these are” he patted the row “ they are sorely lacking in finesse. What your collection needs, is something with glam and punch, maybe a lovely Inspirater.” He picked out a swan feather dusted with gold “ Blessed with a Inspiration Charm, to get you over those rough spots when working on your essays. Also comes in scents, if that’s youre thing. This one “ he sniffed “ Vanilla and cherries. Only 2 Sickles. What do you say?”

    • Learning - Sophie, Sat Feb 21 22:32
      Sophie was, in fact, at the very front of the class. As Professor Shoney's TA she made sure that she sat where he could see her at all times, just in case he needed her to demonstrate a particularly... more
      • a new selection - Ted, Sat Feb 21 22:48
        "It's only late once Shoney shows up" Ted said with his best smile. " Plenty of time, to do one more look over. You wouldn't want me to lose points over tiny little spelling errors now, would you,... more
        • Re: a new selection - Sophie, Sat Feb 21 23:05
          "I wouldn't want you to lose points over a tiny little thing like the essay not existing either," she countered with a knowing look. As far as she understood it, Ted's grades were not as awful as the ... more
          • Vualdetruda - Ted, Sun Feb 22 00:02
            "Only the most well-heeled of us. The rest make do with starter packs in trade. That's the proper way to do it anyways. This" he indicated the piece she held " is Gregori the Magnificent, son of the... more
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