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Sat Feb 21, 2015 22:32

Sophie was, in fact, at the very front of the class. As Professor Shoney's TA she made sure that she sat where he could see her at all times, just in case he needed her to demonstrate a particularly tricky spell, quiet the other students or just generally be a good example. A good example is exactly what she was.

Her textbooks were arranged neatly and in alphabetical order on side of her desk. On the other, a row of perpendicular quills and painstakingly level ink pots. There wasn't a crease to be found in her parchment either. That is, until Theodore Markheim-West elbowed his way onto the bench beside her.

Sophie looked her fellow student over with a raised eyebrow and a smile that was just shy of tolerant.

"Mr West..." she began, but Ted had already taken the opportunity to say no from her. She listened to his list of goods he had specifically selected to tempt her with and she had to admit that he knew his trade well. He had been trying for years to coax her into a deal, though he had yet to be successful, and on any other day the Swan Quill might just have changed his luck. As it was, Sophie was already the owner of a brand new pheasant quill. A quill that had been purchased in an actual shop.

"Theodore," she sighed and flicked a long strand of straw coloured hair over her shoulder. "Don't you think there is something more productive you could be doing with your time? Writing your essay...which, by the way, is late, again...for example?"

  • trading - Ted, Sat Feb 21 22:10
    It was well known that the second class of the day started at precisely 10:15, in which roll was quickly taken and the week‘s newest lesson expanded upon. Unless that class was Transfiguration, in... more
    • Learning - Sophie, Sat Feb 21 22:32
      • a new selection - Ted, Sat Feb 21 22:48
        "It's only late once Shoney shows up" Ted said with his best smile. " Plenty of time, to do one more look over. You wouldn't want me to lose points over tiny little spelling errors now, would you,... more
        • Re: a new selection - Sophie, Sat Feb 21 23:05
          "I wouldn't want you to lose points over a tiny little thing like the essay not existing either," she countered with a knowing look. As far as she understood it, Ted's grades were not as awful as the ... more
          • Vualdetruda - Ted, Sun Feb 22 00:02
            "Only the most well-heeled of us. The rest make do with starter packs in trade. That's the proper way to do it anyways. This" he indicated the piece she held " is Gregori the Magnificent, son of the... more
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