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Re: a new selection
Sat Feb 21, 2015 23:05

"I wouldn't want you to lose points over a tiny little thing like the essay not existing either," she countered with a knowing look. As far as she understood it, Ted's grades were not as awful as the effort he put in would suggest, but that didn't mean he had to give up trying all together.

"I'm perfectly well stocked in parchment, thank you," she continued, checking her watch. It was already 10:23 and there was still no sign of the Professor. 10:30 was the agreed upon time that Sophie should start the class without him but something was in the air today and nobody wanted to settle. She wrinkled her nose slightly and then realised Ted was still there, crushing her parchment with his goods. "Or I was...until you used it as table cloth. What is that?"

Sophie picked up a strange silver item that looked like something between an octopus and a sloth, only it was moving and reminded her of a chess piece. "Do people actually buy this stuff?" she asked, holding it up to him.

  • a new selection - Ted, Sat Feb 21 22:48
    "It's only late once Shoney shows up" Ted said with his best smile. " Plenty of time, to do one more look over. You wouldn't want me to lose points over tiny little spelling errors now, would you,... more
    • Re: a new selection - Sophie, Sat Feb 21 23:05
      • Vualdetruda - Ted, Sun Feb 22 00:02
        "Only the most well-heeled of us. The rest make do with starter packs in trade. That's the proper way to do it anyways. This" he indicated the piece she held " is Gregori the Magnificent, son of the... more
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