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Orion Hardy
Sun Mar 1, 2015 03:14

They were walking. That's all they'd been doing. Endlessly, endlessly walking. And as they walked, they talked. Well. Argued.

Captain Brainless had these strange ideas about Quidditch. Like how he thought that the Chasers were the most important players on the field. Partly because they scored the goals and the other part because he was a Chaser. That was rubbish and she told him so. The Beaters, she pointed out, protected the Seeker. The Seeker needed to catch the Snitch in order for the game to be won, which they couldn't do if their heads were caved in by bludgers. Beaters , therefore, were obviously the most important. Partly because it was true and partly because she was a Beater.

The Hounslow boy didn't seem to be interested in tactics, moves or the latest broomsticks so he didn't join in with the discussion. Not that he could have gotten a word in anyway. Between Bradley and Orion there wasn't room for another opinion.

They came a dead end, somewhere around the time the classic Shooting Star's merits were being pitted against the very sleek new Glider XS, and all three had to come to a stop. Dagon collapsed against the wall, out of breath, whilst Bradley busied himself by not looking pleased. Ri, however, had noticed something.

Through the floor of the maze she could see lights. There were only two at first, but then there were more and they were joined by very distant voices and a series of minor quakes that shook the walls. She got down onto her hands and knees and peered through the glass, trying to figure out the source.

"You guys should see this!" she exclaimed. "I think there are people down there. It's hard to tell, because we're so far up...and I mean really high up. D'you remember the World Cup, year before last? Myers took that nose dive from 100ft and landed on his that was messed up. It was basically mush. Seriously, no bone left. Completely pulverised. We have to be at least that high..."

Dagon made a choking noise that she failed to even register.

"Hey. How many times do you think you can break a bone before it's just jelly?"

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