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Nurse Flowers
Sun Mar 1, 2015 03:53

His office was small enough, that having the full length mirror made it seem so much smaller, even after he had traded it’s overly ornate frame for one of simple steel. He leaned back in his chair just to get a more comfortable view of the witch with the heart-shaped face and neatly plaited hair. She wore no glasses and managed to look down her nose at him all the same as she spoke.

“ If what you say is true- “ she was saying. He pursed his lips but said nothing. “ then the results should show that-” she paused and lifted a paper from her own clipboard to read the continuing notes underneath “ yes, the levels of trinkenetti’s fog should be still at safe levels. I would still advise that they stay for a few days, as the effects have been known to show up as late as a week afterwards. “ She let the paper resettle and focus on him again. “But you know this already, Petals sweetie, I don’t need to explain this to you.”

His face went red “ Mattie, please I’m at work.”

“ With a bevy of drugged induced children, you’re fine. “

“Yes. I am.”

“ I am just saying that I am now in a position to help you become Head of the Paediatrics wing.”

“I like my job, Mattie.”

“But, Petals--”

“ If they’re safe from trinkets’ what else can I expect?”

“ The usual flight related injuries, though the height differential means it’s more internal problems” they shared a grin as she leaned forward and whispered “all the squishy bits” She sat up straight again, using a cough to cover her transformation back to Head of her Department. “ Yes, well you seem to be able to handle this well, enough. Keep me posted every few hours and I’ll see if I can’t aid you by sending over some of the Beran’s Solution “

“I’m sure Professors Rose and Ethaire can manage.”

She tsked at him “Oh, Petals, sweetie. I’ll send you extra anyways.”

“Very well.” He said, mostly to stop her from calling him sweetie.

“Uh--” she sad as he reached to tap the mirror frame. He paused.


“You are going to come to dinner, aren’t you? Mum and Da, you know.”

“I know. Do you honestly believe I would leave any of you alone with a box of wine, let alone all of you together.”

“You’re my favourite brother.”

“I’m your only brother.”

“That’s what makes you my favourite.”

He tapped the frame and the mirror faded out from St. Mungos back to the reflection of his office. He left his office. Students were lying back or sitting on the beds, surrounded by small knots of friends. A few at the door closest to him were casting glances at him and smiling in a way that could only mean trouble.

“And how are we feeling now? Any nausea? Dizziness? Split visions?”

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