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Weir House
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:15

Over at the Weir House groupings, the younger students had been sat in one of the centre tables, where they could be observed and introduced and discussed without bothering the others. The general consensus was that they had done quite well for themselves; none of the arrivals had come with the stigma of the family troublemaker or the reputation for breeding over manners that the other Houses were known for. Nor did they display that overdeveloped sense of intellectual superiority. That was for the best; Aelcrest had a way of knocking that out of a kid real quick.
Randy Schuler did notice, however, that two of the new girls clung close to each other and right now, they were whispering and looking at his table. He waved his hand over Leo Hardy‘s plate to get his attention and nodded towards them. “Lookit that,” he said “looks like you’ve got some fans. Should we go say hi, do you think?”
Leo didn’t answer right away, he followed his gaze to where a little Reym girl was shoving her way among older boys. “She’ll be fine,” Randy told him. “It’s not like she can live in the boys dorms. Come on, we‘re up.”
“Yeah,” Leo muttered in reply. “Just a minute, I’ve got to check something out first. I’ll catch up.”
Randy shrugged and watched as Leo headed straight for the Reym table and the scowly looking first year. After a few minutes he decided that the new kids were more interesting than his soup and joined his house mates John Fiddle and Ranger Pitt in time for the introductions.
Of the two staring girls, the brunette one seemed most open. Rebecca Barnes. She’d been the one who’d curtsied when her name was called. Now she was serving as the hostess of the group, introducing people like she’d been brought up to be in Balgren. Her companion gasped. “Becca, look!” as Randy approached.
She turned to them and before Randy could make a move she said. “Hi. I’m Becca, actually. Just Becca, please. Rebecca’s my grandmothers name. This is Ellie.” Ellie made a squeaking noise and turned red. “She’s a bit nervous, being around so many new faces.”
“Nothing to be worried about,” Randy assured her. “You got into the best group. I’m Randy, yes I know…” he added automatically when Dean Ellis snorted his juice. Luckily, Leo appeared beside him just in time. “And this is Leo. Hey.”
Leo didn’t say anything and barely even looked in the two girls direction. Instead he kept casting dark looks over his shoulder to where his sister was now talking to…oh no. Grace Schuler.
“Leo,” Randy cleared his throat. “You wanna say something to the new kids, so they don’t think they‘re invisible?”
“Hi,” Leo replied, distractedly. He felt a sharp elbow in his rib and suddenly realised how rude he was being. “Sorry!” he blinked. “Busy day. So, Ellie and…Becca, right? Is this your first time at a magic school?”
Ellie was nodding, her eyes wide and looking at the boys like they were giants. Becca continued. “Yes, for both of us. I didn’t even know it was possible to be magical. Are you two from non-magic families? Is it really difficult?”
Randy sat across from the girls. “Well, we’re from magical parents.”
“Oh,” Ellie spoke for the first time
“But,” he added, “I can’t say I’ve noticed any real difference as far as coursework. Everyone starts off with basics. And I’m pretty sure there’s a starter class for the ones who’ve lived around muggles.”
“Like remedial courses?” Becca asked.
“No. No…more like…basics. Anyway it goes really fast and it’s mostly safety precautions.”
“Don’t worry,” Leo added kindly to Ellie, who looked like she was about to faint. “There’s nothing to it. Are you finished? If you are we could show where the common room is? The hallways can be a bit…tricky.”
Ellie paused to take a drink from her mint milkshake. It was a lot bigger than she had intended and some of it went up her nose. She coughed, but nodded her assent to his question.
“That’d be great,” Becca answered for her, patting her on the back. “Tricky how? Only we heard rumours on the way here that kids disappear forever just going to the bathroom.”
Leo gave Randy a look. Randy’s face reddened at that. “It wasn’t forever. Just a few days. And she was found completely intact and safe.”
Becca looked interested “What do you mean?”
“Nothing,” he said quickly. “A couple of kids pranking each other. Reym kids mostly, though you get a few in Balgren who think they’re way too clever for their own good. Stick with other Weirs for now and you’ll be fine. No one just up and vanishes for no reason.”
“Don’t worry,” Leo repeated himself. “Nothing like that will happen again.”
With that they got up from their seats and joined the throng of students making their way out of the Dining Hall towards their respective common rooms. They still had the whole weekend off so that the returning students to get accustomed to life at Aelcrest again and the new students could settle in. Come Monday, term would officially begin.

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