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Reym House
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:15

Leo Hardy was the perfect student. Weir House was known for them, but he exceeded even that stereotype. His grades were excellent, his Professors sang his praises and he had never, ever been in trouble. Although sometimes moody and often reserved he was respected among his peers and had made several firm friendships with his like minded peers. Despite being only a second year he was already tutoring other students and eagerly absorbed whatever knowledge the school was willing to teach him.
Orion Hardy, his younger sister, was none of those things.
If it wasn’t for the similarities in their appearance, jet black hair and dark eyes, no one would have been able to tell they were siblings. Apart from having, in her opinion, a far less pretentious name she was his polar opposite in personality. When her name was called she cracked her knuckles smugly and strode towards her table with a confidence that no first year should have.
Reym House was a mass of elbows fighting over who got the last bit of chicken before it disappeared or who wanted to trade their chips for pickles. Orion - Ri - manoeuvred to avoid most of them, but they just kept coming. She sat herself down between two of the older boys. One of them, an athletic looking guy, gave her a glance, then reached his longer arm out to hand her a plate of roast meat and pat her on the back in welcome, his mouth too full of bacon-wrapped fillet for a proper introduction. The movement knocked her into the muscular third year boy on her other side, who growled, “Watch it,” before turning away to continue a conversation he was having with the boy on the other side of him. She exchanged a glance with the people around her and under her breath muttered, “Touchy!” They laughed or smirked in approval, until he glared them down.
When the main course was over, Leo made his way across the Dining Hall towards her. If he was honest he didn’t want her at Aelcrest. He’d had a whole year of not having to look over his shoulder to check she wasn’t getting into trouble. A whole year of not having to get her out of said trouble. A whole year of peace and quiet. Dad had made him promise though. “Keep your sister safe,” he’d said firmly. So, Leo had no choice.
“What do you want?” she glared at him as he sat down opposite her.
“Hello works just as well, you know,” he sighed. It had started already.
“Whatever,” Orion huffed. “Aren’t there a group of nerds somewhere missing their King?”
Leo ground his teeth together and fixed her with a dark stare. She always had a way of destroying the things that made him happy. There’d been the toy broom his dad had given him which she’d immediately stolen and a chess set she’d used for firework practice. Even the model dragon he’d gotten for his birthday had been destroyed. True, that wasn’t directly her fault, but she’d insisted she get one too and the Hebridean Black, mirroring her owner, trampled all over his Welsh Green like a bulldozer. That wasn’t the point.
“I just thought I’d see how you were doing before…” he’d been about to say ‘the shuffle’. House tables only ever lasted until dessert, then the students were free to sit with whoever they wanted. As if on cue, groups began to form; Quidditch, Traders, Library kids, Bs, each of one them completely oblivious to the rest.
Orion watched the crowd, seeking out the people who looked most likely to be into Quidditch. It was the only thing she cared about and there was no time for anyone who thought differently. Including Leo. He didn’t even need to look at her to know what she was thinking. His eyes narrowed.
“Ri,” he said warningly, “Don’t go looking for trouble.” She rolled her eyes at him. He was such a dork.
“Ooh! What you gonna do? Tell me off? You’re not Dad you know.”
“If I was Dad, you wouldn’t be here,” he shot back before he could stop himself. It was her turn to glare at him. Mr Hardy had made it clear that he didn’t want Orion going to Aelcrest and hadn’t shown the slightest sign of letting up right until last week when he’d suddenly changed his mind.
“Then stay out of my way,” she said, crossing her arms. Leo gave up. He was bored of fighting with her already and classes hadn’t even started yet. Thank Merlin they were in different houses.
“Fine,” he agreed and got to his feet. “But don’t come crying to me when you get yourself expelled. I won’t bail you out.”
“Sure you will,” Ri laughed. “You always do.”
Leo stalked off to join his friends on the other side of the hall and his sister, completely unaffected by his threats, set about stuffing as much dessert into her face as she could. Now that the various groups had sorted themselves out, she realised she’d been left alone with the rest of the new first years. None of them appeared shy, but uncomfortable with how quickly they were just abandoned by the older ones. Ri adjusted by casting defiant looks at anyone who came near.
“What are you looking at?” she demanded of a Reym girl reaching for the strawberry cake.
“Nothing much,” said the other girl, like it was the normal answer to a normal question. A year taller, she had brown hair that clung to her head like the fur of a wet poodle, and dark brown eyes.
“Guessing you’re Leo’s sister huh?”
"Duh," Ri rolled her eyes and went back to spooning heaps of red jelly onto her pile of ice cream. She glanced at the other girl's plate, full of cake, and decided it needed jelly as well. Grace gave the jellied cake a wary look, tasted it, then shrugged and threw some purple jelly on top of it. There was a long pause where she just kept looking at Ri. Finally, the younger girl caught on. “Oh, Orion.”
“Grace Schuler's me. Good to meet you.” Grace shot a glance at where a boy about her same height, with dark coloured hair that lay across his head like feathers and hazel eyes, was talking to Leo. They were both looking uncomfortable under the gaze of two new Weir girls. Grace smirked at the scene and spoke around her jellied cake.
“You must’ve felt lucky as anything, getting a whole year off from your brother.”
"Lucky?" said Ri. "I suppose so, but then I got stuck with the parents on my own." She followed the other girl’s gaze. "Guess you weren’t quite so lucky huh?"
"The wonders of twindom." Grace said, though with a mouth full of cake it sounded more like "Wound ohs a winnum." She held up a finger to say "hang on a minute" swallowed, and continued. “So…looks like you’re stuck with me for the time being. You got a record?”
"Maybe,” Ri answered after some thought. “Why? Do you?”
Grace snorted, a very unladylike sound. Not that Grace Schuler had ever bothered to be concerned about ladylike. "Maybe, but you’re in my house and I need to know who I ought to keep an eye on don't I?” It was very much the same sort of tone that Leo took with Ri, the kind that indulged her because she was still such a little kid. “Besides you need someone to show you the way things work around here." She made an amused little noise and flashed a grin that suggested a scheming mind. "Unless you want Leo to show you?" The message there was obvious. After all, every sister knew brothers were notoriously stupid.
Orion scoffed in an almost similar way to Grace. She folded her arms and leaned her back against the table, one knee to her chest. "You don’t have to look over your shoulder for me if that’s what you’re asking," she said pointedly, "and no. I don’t want to spend more time with Leo than absolutely necessary.”
"I guess," Grace set down the remains of her cake (all smushed and mixed together, the way cake should be eaten), stood up from table and wiped her hands on her jeans. "Come on, better show you where you'll be staying before all the good rooms are taken." So saying she walked out to the main hall, not bothering to look over her shoulder, and making a point not to look at her brothers.

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