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Balgren House
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:16

Thomas Schuler had enjoyed his first twenty minutes in Balgren House. He and the other new students had been herded into a group in the middle of the table and immediately forced into what they called ‘proper introductions’. At one point he had even shaken hands with someone they called their Queen. The dinner had arrived and, unlike at home where it was eat fast or eat nothing, he’d managed to try everything. When the desserts started appearing on neat silver trays he’d expected things to carry on in the same way, but they didn’t.

On some unofficial cue people everywhere started moving. The Balgren House table thinned out until he was left with a haughty group of wealthy pure-blood types and a girl, with reddish brown hair and a pretty face, was telling him to move.

“You can’t sit there,” she shrieked, waving her hand to shoo him away. “That is Troy’s seat.”

Prince Nicholai Trojan Bastrova III, or Troy for short, turned out to be a swaggering second year with blond hair and a chiselled jaw. Thom, obligingly, tried to move seat but was stopped by a firm hand on his shoulder.

“Now, Georgia. What did we say about playing nice with the other children?” the Prince drawled. The brunette looked from Troy to Thom with an offended expression on her face and then stalked off to be comforted by a squat looking boy with glasses. “Don’t mind her,” Troy continued, pulling out the chair next to Thom and sliding into it. “She just can’t stay away from me.” He flashed the younger boy a pearly white grin and helped himself to a French Fancie.

“So, you’re Grace and Randy’s brother, yes?”

“Thom,” he introduced himself quickly. It seemed to be a thing here. "Thomas. No, Thom. Definitely Thom."

“Pleased to meet you Thom,” the Prince grinned again, this time shaking his hand. “I’m Troy. Welcome to Aelcrest.”

A group of girls a little way across from them, who had gathered around a punch bowl, suddenly started pointing in their direction and giggling. Troy leaned over the back of his chair for one of them to whisper in his ear. He turned back to Thom with yet another wide grin.

“You’re going to be a regular little heart breaker, you are,” he laughed. “You have a fan club already.”

“Me?” said Thom as he reached for an assortment of tiny pies. “I only just got here. Haven‘t even done anything yet.” One of the girls waved at him. He waved back and was confused when she turned to her friends and giggled.

“Then I’d say you’re off to a good start, old boy,” said Troy. “Listen, when you’re done flirting-”

“When I’m done doing what now?”

“-I’ll take you up to the common room if you’d like? Celebrate the new year with something stronger than pumpkin juice, hm?”

Thom thought about it. Grace and Randy never mentioned strong drinks. Mom and Dad didn’t keep anything strong unless there was company. “So what, like, soda?”

“Yeah…” Troy said, with the straightest face he could manage. “Like soda. Only better.”

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