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The Heads
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:16

Summer was over. The various footsteps of the student body mingled into one, some excited, some less so, creating a cacophony of noise as they clattered into the Hall. Fresh faced first years lined up in front of the older years as they sorted themselves into their house tables and further into their own friend groups. The two Headmasters had already taken their seats, smiling at the familiar faces they recognised and shaking hands with their colleagues. The seat between them remained empty long after the faculty and students alike had settled into an anticipatory fidget but only when the chatter and the rustling had ceased did the year truly begin.

Myrrh Blackwell, owner of the empty seat and Headmistress of Aelcrest, swept into the Dining Hall with an authoritative flourish. Her striking black hair was tied neatly into its usual elegant knot and her lips painted a matching scarlet to her Reym house coloured robes. She whisked around to seat herself in between the two Headmasters, giving them both a curt nod before standing up again to announce the house assignments of the first years and begin another year at the school of magic.

"Good evening,” she began, silencing any remaining mumbling with a cold and calculated sweeping stare. “Welcome back to our returning students, and a special welcome to our new students this year. Aelcrest Manor is also graced once again with the presence of our esteemed Manager, Minister Elias Sundbee. For those of you who do not know, I am Headmistress Professor Blackwell, Head of Reym House and this is Headmaster Professor Rose, Head of Balgren, and Headmaster Professor Shoney, Head of Weir House.”

There was a short round of applause that she waited out with uncharacteristic patience before continuing with her speech. “It is my honour to present this year’s new students and for them to take their seats with their houses for the first time. As you all know, the school prides itself on the loyalty its students show to their houses and the sense of family that you all find within them. The All-Seeing Eye, therefore, has sorted them into houses as follows.”

A pair of very thin spectacles were drawn up from the string sitting neatly around her neck to the tip of her nose to read names from the scroll of parchments gripped rather tightly in her hand.

“Balgren House: Melanie Campbell. Colt Haynes. Natalie Malick. Thomas Schuler and Poppy Williamson.”

An audible mutter arouse from the Balgren table as the students asked each other if they had ever heard of those families. What were their connections? Who were their relatives? One by one they were all deemed suitable and ushered into an empty space, surprisingly close to their ruling party, affectionately or otherwise known as the ‘B’s’.

“Reym House: Marcus Hadley. Orion Hardy. Louis La Her and Lewis Pointdexter.”

Unlike the somewhat composed performance of Balgren, Reym House had no trouble expressing their feelings, loudly. They stomped, they cheered and they whistled as their newest members took their seats. Each one was congratulated with a huge thump on the back and somewhere along the row a small firework was ‘accidentally’ let off.

“Finally,” Professor Blackwell continued, after the fire was put out. “Weir House: Nellen Andrews. Rebecca Barnes. Dean Ellis. Alexander Rochester. Ian Rote and Eleanor Stephens.”

The final roar was deafening as Weir House celebrated another year of gaining the most new students. The other houses didn’t seem to mind too much, Balgren being a rather exclusive house in general and Reym of the belief that one could always outdo four. The food began to arrive, large platters and dishes of pumpkin pie and Centaur’s stew popped into existence and the student body realised it was hungry.

“Now a few notices,” Blackwell’s voice roared above the clatter of dishes, causing a few students to choke on the food they had already stuffed into their mouths and the rest to put their cutlery down with a disappointed sigh. She looked sternly at a few students in particular who had been in trouble last year. “The lake beyond the safely marked area is forbidden as are the ruins on the other side of the bridge. Any student found in these places or attempting to get to these places will be immediately dealt with by way of expulsion. There will be no exceptions. The Courtyen is off limits after dark except whilst in the company of Professor Rose who is also our Herbologist. He would like me to remind you not to tamper or cause damage to his plants. Now all of the announcements are finished, you may enjoy your meal.”

She sat back down between her two colleagues and watched with her sharp grey eyes as the many hands of the new students grabbed food and began to devour.

From one side of her came the sound of clapping, a sound that slowed and died away as Professor Drizzle Shoney of Weir House realised no one else was clapping.

“Oh,” he said. “Well then.” He picked up his fork and began to eat, turning over the bits of salad before each bite as though he might find something unusual about them. “A good little group this year I think,“ he mumbled between bites. After a glance told him that Manager Sundbee was not within earshot he continued. “But tell m’dear: expulsion with no exceptions. Isn’t that the slightest bit…harsh? They are just children after all. There’s really no need to drain all the fun from their lives just yet is there?”

“Between you and I Shoney..” she started, also checking that the Minister was not listening to their conversation. “It’s just a face for the Minister's benefit. He believes several students in our first and second years could prove dangerous." She stopped and raised her eyebrow just to make certain he knew what she meant. “It’s a deterrent at most. Let’s just say what the Minister doesn't know can't hurt us.” She gave brief turn up of her lips, almost a smile and took a spoonful of soup. There may have been a glint in her eye but no one could be sure. Shoney blinked. He smiled. His world was once more in place. Though it didn't seem quite fair, all this sneaking things around each other. They were supposed to be a team weren't they? But, really it was all harmless wasn't it?

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