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Weir House
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:18

Randy and Leo met the two girls the next morning in the common room before breakfast. It turned out not to be the best time to start the tour as Leo kept answering Ellie’s questions with “Huh?” and Randy kept referring to the first years as Re-bake-a and Helena. Thus, first stop was a shortcut to the Dining Hall for an early breakfast. The Hall looked larger than it had before, as most of the students were taking advantage of the chance to sleep in, away from noisey and nosey family members. Over tea, pancakes and six types of juice, the boys tried to explain the layout of the school and classes. From there they visited the lake, the gaming pitch, the rose garden that wrapped around the back, the kitchen garden, the Courtyen and the classrooms. Randy stayed behind as Leo showed the girls the Astronomy level, preferring classes that were closer to the ground. Troy swept by with his new entourage and noticing the first years gave Randy a wink.
“Atta boy,” he said as he passed. “Good choice.”
Randy was interrupted from telling Troy where he could put his compliments by Becca. “Was that Troy Bastrova?”
“Yes.” Randy answered, with marked hesitation.
“Some of the girls were talking about him last night. Is it true, he’s an actual prince?”
“No,” he said, ignoring the look Leo gave him. “Yes….It’s a Balgren thing. Don’t worry about it.”
“You say that a lot,” Becca frowned, her arms crossed.
“Yeah, well…” Randy hesitated again. “There’s not a lot to worry about. Anyway Library now, I think. This way.”
True Weir girls, Becca and Ellie went to wander the shelves unsupervised as soon as they were through the doors. Leo had to stop Ellie from just grabbing the books and needed to explain to the wide-eyed girl that there were some things in the library she should worry about.
As the girls wandered, the boys sat at one of the tables.
“So what do you think?” Randy asked.
“I think we’re in trouble,” Leo responded. Randy was about to ask him why, when he noticed that look on his face.
“Still on that huh?”
“She left with your sister.”
Randy felt a knot fall into his stomach and twist. “Yeah okay, that could be a problem. But it’s not one we can fix.”

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