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Reym House
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:35

On the way to the Reym common room, Grace pointed out the basics: The Courtyen, the Infirmary, the classrooms, where you could find the bathrooms and why you should never try the third bath stall between 6 AM and 6 PM. She thought of warning the girl about Blackwell’s dress code for Reym students but decided there were some things she’d be better off finding out for herself. At one point she stopped and pointed out a window.

“See that?,” she asked. In the darkness the lake glowed eerily, the bridge looking like something out of a horror film. Beyond even that, a hill loomed, with sharp-looking things jutting out at the top. “That’s the lake Blackwells talkin’ ‘bout. Supposed at be some great stuff on the other side, only no ones made it that far yet.” A determined look was in her eye when she said it, like the idea was a personal challenge, one she was determined to beat.

She opened the door to the common room. It was just short of being an actual hotel suite in terms of style. Red seemed to be a dominant theme. One corner of the room had been cleared and each student’s luggage sat, clearly marked and waiting to be claimed by their owner and shown a new home. Grace, grabbed the stuff marked with her name, a small black bag and a blue cotton blanket, and headed towards the stairs. On the way, she pointed out a door directly opposite of the common room chairs and couches.

“That door goes to where Blackwell stays. Don’t knock on it if you know what’s good fer ya.” To illustrate her point, she gestured at a boy who was already in the common room, looking through the piles of students luggage for his lost jacket. His hair was dark brown, but it was hard to tell because it was shaved incredibly close to his head. It also had a peculiar crackly sound to it. “Ted tried it. His hair used to be longer. And blue.”

Orion grabbed her own stuff, two black duffel bags and a boom box, and followed Grace.

They entered another door and up a flight of stairs to the bedrooms. Grace picked a door on the right and walked in. The rooms continued the hotel idea, only with two sets of drawers, two desks and two night stands in addition to the two beds.

“That’s my bed,” Grace announced, throwing her stuff onto the one closest to the window. “You can sleep wherever. So. This is it, whatcha think?”

"Its alright huh?" Ri shrugged and plonked herself onto the other bed beside her bag, bouncing up and down to feel the springyness. Satisfied, she unzipped her bag and began throwing her things into drawers which unsurprisingly didn't take long. The only things she left out were her school books, which she piled at the end of her bed, her wand which she tucked neatly into her pocket and a large collection of CDs that she stacked lovingly beside the player. Before long a loud noise of bashing metal came from the box and she smiled.

"So this lake then..." she began. She'd seen the glint in Grace's eyes, recognised the 'I want it so I'm going to find a way to get it' look and that interested her. "...if what’s beyond it is what I think it is, there cant be much left? I mean it was blown up right? What 'great stuff' is there to find?"

"That's just it isn't it? No one knows, not really. Kids that go over there are found in the Nurse's Office next day, all drugged up. When they're awake they say there's monsters out there. All the bad things from when we were little, still there, and waiting.” She leaned back on her bed. "Something like that, it can't just be there for kicks can it? Especially not with a school famous as that. Even Randy thinks so, and he's the logical one."

Orion leaned back on her pillows and thought about it.

"My Dad didn't want me to come, said it was too dangerous." She looked over at Grace, expecting her to say something similar back

“Don’t think my mom really wanted us to go,” Grace said, remembering how Thom said she’d spent that year collecting extra assignments from the firm to work on. “She didn’t say why though, but she’s not big on explaining things. I don’t even know what school she went to. I know the old place by the lake’s got one heckuva reputation, but I mean come on. Stories are stories, and parents are always making up stuff about how much harder it was when they were kids you know? Dad‘s always going on with the ‘Three miles in the snow everyday, uphill both ways, sometimes sideways….’ Parents.

“But I don’t see why you’re dad wouldn’t want you to come. I mean, they let Leo in and he came back in one piece.” That had been a close one actually, they’d only found his ear at the last minute, but no one really needed to know that.

"Of course they let Leo!” Ri rolled her eyes. “He’s a goody two shoes. Teacher’s pet. Never puts a foot out of line - you should know that. Me on the other hand..." she trailed off, not sure what she was about to say. "We'll just say my Dad doesn't think I'm responsible enough to stay away from whatever is over there. He's right of course," she grinned. "So how 'bout Quidditch? This school big on it?"

Grace shrugged. "Don't think so. I mean we hold matches every couple a week out on the line and I think there's a board in the classrooms for kids that wanna sign up, but you know, it's Quidditch. Randy thinks they don't wanna make a big deal out of it because the old school was big on it, ya know?"

"My Dad used to play for the Flying Pixies. He’s retired now but he’s always going on about the ‘good old days’ of Quidditch when he was at school…" she trailed off when it was quite obvious to her that Grace had absolutely no interest in Quidditch what so ever. " know. I'm not bothered about it." There was a moments silence. "So...if you don't play Quidditch what do you do?"

Grace reached over and tapped Ri's music box with her wand, turning the music down. Seriously, you could only hear the same songs over and over for so long. Then she smiled at the newbie "Oh, ya know. Stuff."

"How about the lake? We're allowed to go in the safe part right? Anything to do down there?" She frowned a little when Grace turned her music down. Her Dad used to do that when she left the room for a sandwich or glass of juice and when she'd come back you could barely hear it. Ri was probably deaf from the years of constant noise abuse but it was clear no one else wanted to be.

"We're allowed down between classes and dinner for swimming and on weekends and stuff. There's stuff to see down there, bits of an old mermaid city way down the deep parts, couple a weird looking fish. Never really go ta get a good look myself. But at night it gets ta freezing real quick an' if yer not careful things'll grab at ya ta pull you under…Leo didn’t tell ya?”

"He didn't think Dad was going to let me come," Ri frowned. Leo had spent the whole summer being completely silent about Aelcrest. Him and Dad had shut themselves away in the attic whispering about his first year whilst she was left with her mother who, when asked, would say nothing much but look rather dreamy and say "It was fun".

Huh, guess he knows how to shuddup after all, Grace thought.

"I don't need him anyway," Ri added.

"Course ya don't. Except as back up. And hey, look't this way. He's here first, you got an automatic bumper. I mean he's a goody-two-shoe student. You do something wrong...couldnt' possibly be you could it? Cause yer a Hardy...and Hardy kids are goody two-shoe students."

Ri grinned at herself as she thought about it. The wheels in her head started turning and she decided that was probably something worth exploring. "I'll have to test that theory" she muttered, more to herself than her room mate.

Grace opened her mouth to answer and as she did,the lights in the room flickered lower, then higher, then lower again, as though someone was playing with the gas.

"Well yer gonna have to imagine it all in yer dreams first,” she said the fourth time the lights dimmed. "Cause that's the warning for lights out. She kicked off her shoes and crawled into bed, the blue blanket she'd brought being crammed half under a pillow.” If ya gotta go, the door's right there," she pointed to the bedroom door "Better remember it, cause the lights don't come back on for another couple hours." She lay down, sat up, punched the pillow a few times and plopped down again, her back to Orion "Don't go wakin' me up if you get homesick," she called over her shoulder.

“Nothing to get homesick for,” Ri muttered and curled herself into a ball with the blankets.

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