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Blackwell & Shoney
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:39

Myrrh stared around in the almost pitch black, looking for the shadowy figure of Professor Shoney. The lake was illuminated by the underwater lamps installed by the Ministry for the ‘protection of the students’ never mind what the occupants of the lake thought about it – not that anyone had bothered to ask of course. She knew he was here somewhere, he always was. She had always wondered whether Shoney was some sort of animagus and that his animal was a fish of some sort that had to keep returning to the lake to breath.
“Shoney?” she called out into the darkness “I know you’re here!” she called again.
”Yes? What’s that?” Drizzle’s voice, and then figure appeared from the direction of the red line. He proceeded to remove a pair of goggles and wipe his hands on an old handkerchief. “Ah. What a pleasant surprise. I wouldn’t have taken you for the swimming sort m’dear, however–” as he got close enough to see the expression on her lighted face, his shoulders dropped slightly. He tsked and his voice became a tad softer. “Oh dear. I do hope you weren’t too harsh on him.”
Myrrh pursed her lips together. “I was civil,” she assured him. “He wanted me to look at a Mister Travis Adkinson who accepted his place but then never came to the sorting. I asked Flidias and he agreed that he probably forgot to tell us he was going somewhere else – you know how parents are with us being so close.“ She passed him the file on the non-existent student. It may have contained children’s drawings for all the seriousness he looked through it. “I said I’d write to his parents once I’d checked with you.” She waited a while for him to reply but before he could she burst out. “Of all the nonsense to burden my time with! One student who decided he was too good for Aelcrest. Doesn’t he realise we have a school to run? If he did something of use instead of looking for ways to shut us down all the time this wouldn’t have to be so difficult!” The man enraged her without even opening his mouth, his very presence made her furious.
“He is doing what they hired him for m’dear, that is all. His job is to help keep this school running smoothly, just as ours is to guide these children into becoming great witches and wizards.” He looked across the lake towards the Ruins. “It’s a long and an old shadow we have to live under.” For a brief moment, all the laughter and nonsense was gone from his face and he looked very unlike anyone named Drizzle. Then it vanished.
“It’s not as if he’s had no use. These lights were his idea as a matter of fact, and I think they add lovely glow to the place, don’t you? Better than what they’d wanted to put there I assure you. However I do prefer them this way.” He made a small gesture with his hands. Small ripples emerged from the lights and they dimmed to a glow and colour more respectful to the night-time flora and fauna. He smiled again, that smile that said everything was back in perfect order again. “You may be correct about what happened to young Mister Adkinson, as always. By all means, though, let his parents know. There’s no reason they should worry. You either hm?”

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