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Blackwell & Rose
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:40

Once the sorting feast was over Flidias excused himself and went immediately to the Courtyen. It was his favourite room in the whole school and the only reason he was ever in his office was because it overlooked his precious indoor garden. He looked over his plants but went straight the far corner where there was a small round greenhouse cornered off from the rest of the Courtyen. Closing the door behind him he looked at what was inside with happiness.
“My baby!” he cooed at it. It was a flower, bright scarlet with a gold trimmed edge and it was chirping lightly as though happy to see him. He trimmed the dead leaves and sprayed it gently with water. It chirped happily and shook its petals. Satisfied his ‘baby’ was still happy he turned to the rest of the garden, checking no one had damaged his precious brood whilst he was away.
“It’s not a baby Flidias, it’s a flower!” she said distastefully after she’d listened to him cooing for about five minutes. “I can’t imagine what you find so fascinating about a plant!” Flidias jumped when he heard the voice of the stern Headmistress behind him. He almost went to cover the flowers’ ears so as not to hear her harsh words but managed to restrain himself.
“I like them,” he confessed, shrugging and trying to straighten his lopsided robes at the same time. “What can I do for you Myrrh?” he blinked. She coughed with a sound like ‘ug’ and thrust a file in front of the Headmaster’s face.
“Travis Adkinson,” she said shortly. “Our ‘esteemed’ Minister seems to think he’s disappeared or some such nonsense. He accepted his place but never arrived for the sorting. I told him I would ask you and Shoney about it. It’s a wild goose chase if you ask me. However…what do you think?” She tapped her heel rather impatiently like it pained her to ask someone else’s opinion when hers was so obviously correct.
Flidias knew that Myrrh’s relationship with Sundbee was tense at the best of times and no doubt this interference from him was viewed by Myrrh as just another excuse to shut them down. “I wouldn’t worry about it,” he said finally, after taking a long hard look at the file, reading each syllable. He handed it back to her. “Aelcrest is not a popular school…yet.” He added the ‘yet’ as an afterthought in a hopeful voice. “Parents are concerned about our proximity to Hogwarts and we all know what happened there and even if Mister…” he took the file back and checked the name, “…Adkinson did accept his place his parents may have still sent him somewhere else. Durmstrang, Wrightwards anyone of the other wizarding schools would have taken him I would think. Probably just forgot to let us know he was going somewhere else.” He smiled at her reassuringly.
“That’s what I thought” she said shortly and turned on her heel to walk away. Just before she reached the exit to the entrance hall she turned again and gave Flidias a small upturn of her lips. “Thank you Flidias” she said, almost through gritted teeth. “I will ask Shoney and I will write to his parents. No doubt the Minister will understand. Good evening.” With this short thanks she turned once more and headed off to find Shoney.
Flidias was left with a warm feeling in his chest. He bent down and whispered to the closest flower that turned her petals to him as if leaning in to hear the secret.
“At least she said thank you,” he sighed happily. “At least that’s something.” With a new found happiness he continued pruning and watering his beloved indoor garden.

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