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Blackwell & Sundbee
Sat Aug 8, 2015 23:40

Elias Sundbee removed his glasses. Blinked and rubbed his eyes. Put his glasses back on again. No. There was no mistaking it. He muttered something quite rude under his breath, stood from his chair and walked out of his office into the corridor, file in hand. His strides were quick, purposeful and determined. Along the way towards the other faculty offices he noticed the unmistakable clatter of heels.
“Ah,” he said to himself, and then raised his voice. “Headmistress! Headmistress, a moment of your time?”
Myrrh sighed heavily and turned on one heel. Shoney had asked her to be somewhat nicer to the Minister. “You know, to keep things running smoothly m’dear” he’d said. She faced him with a look of false civility on her face. “Minister Sundbee. What can I do for you?”
Even that brisk stride took a bit out of him. He must remember to walk more often during the breaks. “It’s the students, Headmistress. There was an–” error? flaw? Certainly not a mistake. “– an inconsistency in the list of new entrants. It appears Mister,” here he stopped to glance at the name in the list “Travis Adkinson was also accepted into the school, however his name was not on the sorting list.” The words ‘care to explain this anomaly?’ inherent in the way he spoke.
She snatched the file and looked it up and down, taking in all the information with her sharp grey eyes. She flicked her eyes towards the Minister and frowned. Having him around was such a burden. If he didn’t spend so much time worry about students that never showed up and actually…but never mind.
“I will bring it up with the Headmasters, Minister” she promised curtly and keeping the file tightly clutched under one arm she strode, no in the direction of her office, towards the Courtyen where Flidias almost certainly was.

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