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Grace Schuler
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:00

It really didn't make a lot of sense when you thought about. The Infirmary/Nurse’s Office was all the way up with the classrooms. I mean if you were really sick or injured, did you really want to be climbing the stirs? Fortunately thinking about things like that was not Grace’s style. Nope she was here for something else.
She walked over to the nurse’s office and knocked. “Hello?” she called. “Anyone home?”
Knocking was one of those sounds that was irritating and yet uplifting at the same time. It was irritating because someone wanted your attention but uplifting because it was your attention they wanted and not someone else’s. He got out of bed, pulled on the first robes that came to hand.
He was a young man, fresh from training at St Mungos where he’d done barely a years field work before being thrown to the lions (in a manner of speaking) amongst the walking disasters that were school students. He checked his reflection briefly in the cabinet mirror and smoothed the lines of his cheek and chin. He really needed a shave. He ruffled his fingers through his hair and yawned slightly before opening his door and looking around and then down to see a young girl.
“Yes?” he asked politely, “Can I help you Miss…?”
”Grace. Schuler, no ‘Miss’.”
She didn't bother looking directly at him. After all, weren't all school nurses weird or boring looking? Though, this was kinda tall for a nurse.
She held out a piece of paper which someone had written in that weird scrawl inherent in all doctors. "I'm supposed to get some more of this. It’s sleeping stuff.” She added. School nurses, in addition to being boring looking, also couldn't tell an aspirin tablet from a Jujube. She’d figured that out in first grade. Good times.
He took the notice and turned towards one of the medicine cabinets. After a moments rumbling he came up with a small green phial which he handed to her. “Be careful with this” he warned. “It’s potent stuff.”
She took the bottle and pocketed it. Well of course it was potent. That was the whole point right? What kinda medicine do you take that’s not supposed to work?
“And…” he felt the need to add, “…if there’s something you want to talk about that’s troubling you, my door is always open.”
Why did all adults say that? Sure, she was just gonna waltz in one day, plop down in the chair and tell them all about how hard it was to be her. Please.
“Yeah, sure, thanks.” she said, the standard response to that sort of question and headed towards the door.
He watched her go, the same huffy teenager he’d seen stropping out of his office before. She’ll be back - if not to talk then to get more sleep juice. He yawned and went back to bed, needing none of the potion he’d just supplied to Ms Grace Schuler.

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