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Orion & Randy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:01

Orion stomped into the Dining Hall, curls running wild in a messy halo around her head and the haze of sleep still firmly settled in her eyes. Lunch looked like a roast dinner and she sat down at the nearest table and began grabbing at food hungrily. Either by way of laziness or whether she was just a naturally starved child she was always hungry and ate with the ferocity of a rhino charging. She had just begun munching her way through a pile of vegetables and wondering whether what they always said about swimming so soon after lunch was true when she was joined. Beside her sat the dark haired boy, Grace had pointed out last night. He had collected his plate, neatly divided and all.
"It's Orion right?" he said by way of introduction. "Leo's sister? I'm Randy Schuler. Sure Grace has told you absolutely nothing about me.”
“And I'm sure Leo has bored you to death with talk about me," she replied with a laugh. She shuffled up a bit, pulling one knee up to her chest and letting the other dangle off the edge of her seat. Her Dad used to joke she'd been a grumpy teenager from the age of five and the actual number meant nothing when applied to her. "She's mentioned you," she added as an afterthought.
"Yeah," he said. He wondered for a minute if he should tell her the whole truth, warn her about Grace and what she could be like. Not like with him and Thom, but that was different, they were family. With other people Grace was..."Look, I just wanted to come over, introduce myself and all. And I think I ought to tell you…" Tell her what? To be careful? Not get too attached? Not take what's gonna happen personally? "I just thought you ought to know…" that my sister doesn't like people. That she gets bored with them easy and when that happens "Just wanted to make sure, Grace is settling you in okay, that's all. She can be a bit...scatter-brained at times."
"Um…cheers?" she replied, more of question than a thank you. Randy wasn't even in her house and sure he was Grace's brother but they didn't look too close from what she'd seen. "Yeah, she's great. We're room mates. Apart from her bad taste in music it couldn't be better," she smiled at him and patted him on the shoulder - oblivious that he was trying to help her. Her over confidence would be her downfall her Dad always said. "But hey she promised to show me the lake later if you want to come down?"
"You know, I think I might," he nodded. "I've got to show Thom around before he gets too lost. Some of the hallways are not exactly friendly to lost kids." He rubbed the back of his neck. Grace had a room mate. Well, that was good right? I mean she couldn't exactly kick Orion out if they were room mates? Even as he thought it, he remembered summer camp. Randy hadn't gone, since it was a girl's camp, but he'd been there when the phone call came. Grace had apparently decided she didn't have to share a bunk with the Carmichael girl after all. Randy learnt a few knew words from his mother that day and Grace hadn't been able to sit without wincing for a week afterwards.
"Alright then, I'll catch you later." She stretched and wondered whether the bed would object if she went back to it for a nap.

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