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Grace & Orion
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:01

Orion woke up with her face in a pile of school books, spread eagled on the floor with a rather nasty bruise on her back. She moaned and peeled her face away from a page of Charms for Beginners: Volume One and rolled off the pile with a grunt. She lifted herself off the floor so she was sitting up and rubbed her back tenderly.
“Ow!” she said to the bed, not that it cared. She could see she’d missed breakfast all together and the clock on her bedside table showed it was almost lunch time. Yawning loudly she hauled herself off the floor and dressed slowly. Black boots, black jeans, black top. Colours were for things like lava milk and sweets, not for clothes.
Grace entered and set the stuffed animal down on her drawer like it was a trophy.
“You’re in luck,” she announced. “First day here and I already managed to bargain you up some extras,” she turned and noticed all the stuff on the ground.
“Huh,” she tilted her head. “Yeah, they do that here. Learn to keep up, they don’t get nicer.” Orion didn't really hear much of what Grace said. She hated the morning (the word morning here meaning a few hours after waking up – not the hours between 7 and 12) her ears were all funny and she couldn't speak. She managed to slur out something that sounded like ‘good’ ‘oh no’ and ‘I will’ before hearing her belly rumble.
“Sounds like breakfast…well lunch by now,” the distant chimes started. “Are you coming?” she asked, her hand on the doorknob.
Grace was already shrugging on a denim jacket of her own. “Yeah, g’head I’ll catch up. Gotta make a stop first. I’ll meet ya there.”
Ri nodded sleepily and slurred “Ok” before leaving the room and heading down towards the Dining Hall where hopefully there was something good on for lunch. Her Mum wasn't what you’d call a chef and when she did cook it was only ever with magic, but Aelcrest had put a real slap up dinner on the previous night and she hoped it continued to this afternoon.

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