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Grace & Leo
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:02

The breakfast chimes were already ringing from the Grandfather clock in the main hall when Grace entered the dining room. There were kids already there, with some shuffling, some running. It was always best to get there before the chimes stopped ringing. Once they did, breakfast was no longer "served" and you were stuck with whatever scraps the others left you.
Grace loved breakfast. Never mind all that ‘most important meal of the day’ junk. She liked Aelcrest breakfasts because they weren't rushed. Like at Papas house, an Aelcrest breakfast meant you could sit and eat what you want without worrying that you were going to be late somewhere (but Papas omelets were, like, 20 times better.) She shoved her way between some kids (politely...the professors were watching) and began loading her plate.
"Grace," Leo said politely as he sat down beside her. He'd already had breakfast, being one of those kids that woke up at the crack of dawn and waited outside the Dining Hall for the chimes to ring. He didn't like being in such close proximity to Grace since the ear incident but he was more concerned about Ri at this point than he was about himself.
"I hear you've seen to it my little sister was settling in alright," he said, sounding none too pleased. "Where is she, anyway?"
"Fleefin" Grace said around a mouth full of toast, which roughly translated to "sleeping."
"You know she's not nearly as bad as you said she would be Hardy. Little too much with the metal maybe, but…" She shrugged and began mixing her eggs with the broccoli, sausage and cheese. "You still hungry?" She pushed her second plate towards him, filled with just about everything else Aelcrest offered by way of hot breakfast foods. "Or I'm gettin' a delivery by lunchtime. Liquorice wands, those are your favourite yeah?"
"Is that by way of an apology?" he retorted scathingly, pushing the plate of breakfast away. She took the plate back, giving him a look. It always came back to the ear thing. "No need for that attitude. It was an accident and you know, Randy an' Troy were there too, so it wasn't automatically me."
"Yeah right!" he muttered. “Just because I didn't see it doesn't mean it wasn't you!" He sighed and turned to her with a serious face. "I'm not here to fight with you, I just came to ask you to stay away from my sister," his face was solemn and anyone could see he meant it. He had enough hard work keeping her out of trouble at home - in a school like this it would be almost impossible, especially if she was in the company of Grace Schuler. She took another bite of her egg mixture and considered the boy in front of her. Inside she was trying not to laugh at the look he was giving her. "Seriously. What is that, like, your tough face?" He frowned as she turned back to her pile of egg-something and he could tell she was trying to laugh. "Hey I kept quiet about the ear so do me a favour in return and just don’t get her into any trouble. You'll be bored with her by the end of the week so just try not to damage her reputation before she has one!"
Now that was insulting. Just because it was sometimes...usually...occasionally…okay almost always her, didn't mean it was her that time. And she did help him get the ear back didn't she?! She could see why he and Randy got along. They were both stool pigeons. "Well, you know, I don't know. I mean it's gonna be really hard to not keep an eye on her. I mean she is my roommate now. And us older ones gotta watch out for the little ones don't we?” True she had help him find the ear but even people like her had to feel guilt right? Perhaps not, but if he hadn’t got the ear back he would have been straight in Blackwell’s office. Self-preservation must be one of Grace's strong point.
"I'll tell you what," she continued. “I’ll make sure she doesn't get kicked out one tiny condition." Leo sighed and gave her a look of despair.
“How much?" he asked dully, wondering how many Knuts she'd take from him. It was disheartening to hear that they were roommates. He would have trusted Ted to share a room with his sister more than Grace. Which, as he thought about it, was such an inadequate name for her.
“Nothing big." Sheesh, the way he acted you think she was asking for his other ear. She held out one hand to make her point, a small bag peeked from the shirt sleeve. With one finger she tugged the bag open. "Just have a liquorice wand and say you forgive me. You don't even have to mean it."
He raised an eyebrow in suspicion, it was far too generous an offer. Some would say too good to be true, but he took the liquorice wand graciously and shook her hand to strike the bargain. "Fine, I forgive you, but you break your promise and I'm in Blackwell’s office before you can say expulsion!" He tucked the liquorice wand in his pocket and left the dining hall wondering whether or not to eat it. Grace was right, they were his favourite but he didn't trust her and keeping her away from Ri could not be that easy, it just couldn't be. He didn't think she'd go as far to poison him but just incise he'd save it for now.
"Oooo...scary." Grace said to his retreating back. She laughed to herself. She had liked Leo alright when they first met, but as the year wore on, she'd found it was much more fun to mess with him. Since the incident at the end of last year she was suddenly a threat. Her! Twelve-year-old Gracie Schuler. What a kick that was. But she knew the limits. Nothing to get them all in more than detention. She would try to keep the new girl on a close leash if she had to. After all, someone like Orion got out of hand, it'd be bad for the trading business.

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