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Grace & Ted
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:02

The lights came up again with a vengeance the next morning, signalling the start of the day. Grace murmured some very unladylike things into her blanket but got out of bed anyway. She had spent most of her first year getting up off the floor, as the beds had various methods of kicking you out when you were supposed to be awake. She grabbed her shoes and her back black off the floor and proceeded out the door, in roughly the direction of the girl’s bathroom.
Said bathroom just happened to be next to the boy’s bathroom, so she wasn’t surprised to see Ted coming from the other door. He was cleaner and by the smell of it, was wearing his older brother’s deodorant again.
“Hey Ted,” she said, stopping him from running his hands through what was left of his hair. “Find your jacket?” Ted Markheim-West turned to the girl. So, they’d let Grace come back to school after all.
“Not yet.” He answered. Though he was already fully dressed, he carried a gym bag with him and held it a bit closer. “You didn’t happen to see it did you?”
“No,” lied Grace.
There was a moment where they just stared at each other.
“Did it happen to look like this?” she asked, pulling a denim jacket from her bag.
“That’s the one,” Ted sighed. “How much?”
“Five dollars,” answered Grace. It was always best to start small and work up
Oh please, Ted thought. “What are you going to do with five dollars?”
“Spend it, ya giant sack of duh!” Grace explained.
“And how are you going do that here?” Ted countered.
Grace tossed her head in horse like fashion. “Fine. Five pounds.”
“Of what?”
They both grinned. This was the way it worked.
“I tell you what, I’ll give you…” he reached into his bag and fished around for a moment. “Two liquorice wands and this…badger?” He pulled out a short, squat and grey furred stuffed animal.
“It’s a woodchuck,” Grace insisted. To be truthful, she had no idea what Nor was - some kind of giant Guinea Pig maybe. “And look what I found in your pocket.” She held up a toy sonic screwdriver. “Seriously?” she asked, with a raised eyebrow. “Four liquorice wands and a pack of Ice Mice”
Ted mentally kicked himself. Knew he shouldn’t have put that there. He shook his head. “Fresh out. How’s ‘bout a Squeaking Sugar mice?”
“Yeah right,” she scoffed. “Make it jelly slugs then. But four wands.”
“Two Wands,” he insisted. “Business.”
“Three wands and some pepper imps. I got a new kid to feed.”
Ted thought about it, running his hands through his hair as he did so. Some bits and pieces still flaked away. He could still hear his mother’s lecture “What’d I tell you?! You keep running your hands like that you’ll end up as bald as your father. But did you listen? No. Now look at you. Guess you should have listened more.”
“All right. Deal,” he agreed. At an unannounced signal they traded, jacket and toy for stuffed animal. “Pleasure doing business with you.”
“As always” she nodded. They stuffed the traded goods into their respective bags bag went their separate ways.

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