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Grace, Leo, Orion, Randy, Thom & Troy
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:03

The library was practically empty except for a few students. After all, classes hadn’t started yet, why would any one need to use it? This meant that the sudden appearance of six students in the library, whispering and pointing, was a little unusual.
Fortunately, Mr. Hadwin Attenoaks, the librarian was more concerned with things being kept quiet. So as long as they didn't talk too loud, or bring back a book damaged or late, things were okay.
“Okay, where’s the Potion stuff?”
Thom shrugged “Wha-what’re you lookin’ at me for?”
“Because you always know where the books are.”
“I've never even been in here before now.”
Leo and Orion looked at each as Grace began to scramble through books. Every time they opened their mouths to ask just what she was doing she fluttered a hand and told them to shhhh! They looked at Troy who was still making googly eyes at her and then at each other again. Had she gone mad?
“So we’re in the Library,” Troy started, stating the obvious, “and if I remember correctly you spent most of last year trying to avoid the Library. So tell me pretty eyes…what are we doing here?”
“We need a book.” Grace explained. “A potions book. Something that’ll help us sneak around you know. Like a liquid invisibility cloak or somethin’. Unless you know one off the top a yer purebred head?” She gave Troy a little look.
“Ooh,” Troy groaned, clutching his heart like Grace had stabbed him. “Milady is cold! But…as it happens,” he started before Grace gave him that look, “no I don’t know it by heart, but…” he got up, disappeared for about five minutes and returned with a large volume from the potions section of the Library, “…I know which one we need.” He flipped through the pages to a section at the back titled Deception and Trickery and finally slammed the book down in front of Grace, pointing to the page marked Cunningham’s Potion. “There,” he said proudly.
Grace looked over the page. “Oh Troy, dude you are my hero.” she said. She took a moment to elbow Randy in the ribs (he had been fake-gagging as he usually did when Troy talked with her) And read over the ingredients.
”Okay… I know where we can get the June bug shells…and maybe the weeds.. but …Oh…Oh! That’s it!”
She turned the book around and pointed at one specific inscription.
“You,” she told Leo smugly, “gotta get us that.“
Secretion from Diricrawl glands
“Urgh!” said Leo, reading the last ingredient on the list. “Are you kidding me?” She gave him a look and realised she was not. “Okay, but it’ll have to be tonight after Professor Ethaire has gone to bed. She sleeps on the other side of the Manor so even if I do trip the alarm we can escape before they know its me. Alright?”
Grace had hardly opened her mouth before Randy clamped his hand over it.
“That’s fine,” he agreed.
“Ees nuh fun,” Grace mumbled.
“Yes it is.”
Grace shook her head.
“You want him to get caught?” Randy asked, though he already knew the answer.
Grace tilted her head a little and shrugged.
“Tonight then.” Randy said, pulling his hand away before she bit it like last time.

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