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Sophie & Ted
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:04

It was well known that the second class of the day started at precisely 10:15, in which the register was quickly taken and the week‘s newest lesson expanded upon. Unless that class was Transfiguration, in which case, class began at sometime before lunch, register was taken at the end of class, if at all, and today’s lesson was whatever proved most interesting. It was a good time for people like Ted to make their way from desk to desk, offering sweets, quills and parchments to those who’d forgotten them.

“All for the spectacularly low price of whatever is in your pockets. That’s right, we accept not only coins, but trades-in-kind. Ice mice, yo-yos, whatever you’ve got we can deal.”

The hardest kids to sell to where the ones directly in the Professors eye line. The boys and girls with the neat desks who were looking over their homework to make absolutely sure everything was right. You had to make a special effort with them, to prove they were getting the best quality and that you weren’t just some back alley dealer.

Sophie was, in fact, at the very front of the class. As Professor Shoney's TA she made sure that she sat where he could see her at all times, just in case he needed her to demonstrate a particularly tricky spell, quiet the other students or just generally be a good example. A good example is exactly what she was.

Her textbooks were arranged neatly and in alphabetical order on side of her desk. On the other, a row of perpendicular quills and painstakingly level ink pots. There wasn't a crease to be found in her parchment either. That is, until Theodore Markheim-West elbowed his way onto the bench beside her.

“And hello to you,” Ted grinned, sliding into the seat next to her. Sophie looked her fellow student over with a raised eyebrow and a smile that was just shy of tolerant.

"Mr West..." she began, but he held up a hand before she could finish.

“Now before you say no, let me just say that as lovely as all these are…” he patted the row, “…they are sorely lacking in finesse. What your collection needs, is something with glam and punch, maybe a lovely Inspirater.” He picked out a swan feather dusted with gold. “Blessed with a Inspiration Charm, to get you over those rough spots when working on your essays. Also comes in scents, if that’s your thing. This one…” he sniffed, “Vanilla and cherries. Only two Sickles. What do you say?”

She listened to his list of goods he had specifically selected to tempt her with and she had to admit that he knew his trade well. He had been trying for years to coax her into a deal, though he had yet to be successful, and on any other day the Swan Quill might just have changed his luck. As it was, Sophie was already the owner of a brand new pheasant quill. A quill that had been purchased in an actual shop.

"I would say that you’re barking up the wrong tree, Theodore," she sighed and flicked a long strand of straw coloured hair over her shoulder. “But then I’d be wasting my breath the same way you’re trying to waste my sickles. Isn’t there something more productive you could be doing with your time? Writing your essay...which, by the way, is late, again...for example?"

"It's only late once Shoney shows up," Ted said with his best smile. "Plenty of time to do one more look over. You wouldn't want me to lose points over tiny little spelling errors now, would you, Miss Coulten?"

"I wouldn't want you to lose points over a tiny little thing like the essay not existing either," she countered with a knowing look.

"If I can't tempt you with a quill, then how's about a nice stack of parchments?" He pulled out a small packet of cream coloured papers. “Great for repelling those little smudges that come with a long night of writing. Or maybe something to chew on while studying. I have a nice pack of peppermints. Nothing too special. Free of sugars. Or perhaps some of Spelling Confections newest fudge. Bought it wholesale so my supply is quite large today."

"I'm perfectly well stocked in parchment, thank you," she continued, checking her watch. It was already 10:23 and there was still no sign of the Professor. 10:30 was the agreed upon time that Sophie should start the class without him but something was in the air today and nobody wanted to settle. She wrinkled her nose slightly and then realised Ted was still there, crushing her parchment with his goods. "Or I was...until you used it as table cloth. What is that?"

Sophie picked up a strange silver item that looked like something between an octopus and a sloth, only it was moving and reminded her of a chess piece. "Do people actually buy this stuff?" she asked, holding it up to him.

“Oh, hey! Careful with that. It explodes!”

Sophie dropped the funny looking object immediately and Ted laughed. He caught her eye and the shocked look on her face until she realised he was joking. Then she laughed too and blushed at having been caught out.

"It's less of an explosion and more of an inking," Ted admitted. "And even then it's usually the third of it's five-part attack system and generally doesn't stain your clothes. Unless you're wearing purple. You should laugh more often; it suits you."

When Sophie had composed herself she picked up the object again, rolling it between her fingers now she knew it wasn’t going to explode in her face.

When Sophie had composed herself she picked up the object again, rolling it between her fingers now she knew it wasn’t going to explode in her face.

“So what is it actually?” she asked, only this time with much less distaste in her tone.

“This," he began, taking the piece from her, "is Gregori the Magnificent, son of the witch Theodesseah. Well, she'd say son."

Sophie arched an eyebrow. "Ah, Soph, you're missing a real opportunity here. Vualdetruda is an expansive, interactive sort of game. There are quite a few Balgrens that use it to hone their strategic networking skills. I know what you're thinking; it's a boys game, but I give you my word that Vualetruda knows no gender, age or bloodlines. It's the great equaliser. If you'd like, I can set you up with a starter pack for only--"

"Another time, Mr. West." Shoney's voice came from everywhere as he swept into the room. Both of them jumped. "For now, we need to be getting on with the lessons hm?"

"Yes sir, sorry sir." Ted said, standing and brushing himself off at the knees. From his pack, he removed a small booklet with a red ram emblazoned on the front. Sophie was busy trying to realign her quills and smooth her parchment out and just generally look innocent but he handed her the booklet anyway. "Just a brief premier. Let me know what else I can do,” he grinned at her. Shoney barked his name again. “Packing up now, Professor."

"Mr. West?"


"Your essay on the migratory patterns of inanimate Transformations?"

Ted opened the main flap of his bag and removed the papers. "Kind of got away from me at the end there."

"I would expect nothing less."

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