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Leo & Orion
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:08

In one of the lower level study rooms in the library, Leo was desperately trying to get his sister to shut up for three seconds together so he could get his Transfiguration essay done, something she was obviously unwilling to do. Ri kept tapping her quill against the table, kicking the legs of his chair and all the while she kept asking questions.

“What you doing?” came the small sing song voice she used, usually just before she broke something he liked.

“It’s called studying, Ri,” he glared, plucking the half-eaten quill from her hand. “Maybe you should try it?”

The sound that escaped her lips was not a positive one. “I think you have to turn up to class for that,” she grinned.

“Ri!” he snarled. “Do not tell me that you’ve been skipping class.”

“Alright,” she shrugged. “I won’t.”

“Have you?”

“Have I what?”

“Have you been skipping class?”

“You just told me not to tell you.”


“Oh, quit being such a nerd!” she sighed, dropping her head dramatically onto the table and disappearing into the mass of black curls that followed. A few moments later she looked up again. “Well I can’t do anything without a quill now, can I?”

Leo’s eyes narrowed but the growing rage in his throat went completely unnoticed by his sister. Slowly he pushed the quill along the table top towards her and, as he expected, she resumed tapping it only this time against his book.

“Miss Hardy?” came a sharp voice from the doorway. Instinctively Leo looked up, having been trained early on to do exactly what Professor Blackwell said in any and all situations. When the shock wore off his gaze drifted towards his sister accusingly.

“Yeah?” Ri’s head bobbed up again. Both the Professor and her brother gave her a look. “Yes…sir?” she tried again.

“Professor will do,” Blackwell said, with pursed lips. “Hardy…” she muttered, swiftly moving her sharp grey eyes from the first year to her brother. Leo Hardy was a good student, despite the company he occasionally kept, and trouble was not a word she associated with the second year Weir. Surely the younger Hardy, her own House student, couldn’t be involved in this incident? Myrrh looked up again and noted their expectant faces. “Miss Hardy,” she repeated. “Would you come with me for a moment?”

“Um,” Ri looked at her book, like she was suddenly disappointed to be dragged away from it. “Sure? I guess so…”

“Now you’ve done it,” Leo hissed in her ear as she got to her feet. Her hands disappeared inside her sleeves. “I’m so telling Dad,” she heard him mutter as Professor Blackwell closed the door on him.

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