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Grace Schuler
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:08

The afternoon sun had warmed the weather up just enough to make going outside pleasant, so pockets of students gathered in the back lawn, closer to the Manor than the lake, in case the weather changed its mind. It hadn’t and remained still warm as the sun went down, leaving those who couldn’t or wouldn’t go to the Village to stay in small clusters around hex fire lanterns.

That was where Blackwell found Grace Schuler, gathered on a blanket with her brothers in an attempt to study. Each one looked up at the imposing Head of Reym with practised looks of blankness.

“Miss Schuler,” the Headmistress sighed, in a tone she seemed to reserve for Reym students who got caught. “A word, if you please?”

Grace put down her book and stood up slowly, trying not to look guilty. Professor Blackwell glanced around with her sharp grey eyes, searching for the person belonging to the other name that both Cindy Hutton and Georgia Derby had given her.

“Where is Miss Hardy?” she asked, when her search proved unsuccessful.

Grace shrugged. “Dunno.” Professor Blackwell arched an eyebrow. “I don’t know.” Grace corrected herself.

“You lost her already?” Randy whispered. She scrunched her toes in her shoes to keep from kicking him.

“She likes the flybys,” she pointed to where a group of Quidditch boys were gathered. Ri had been busy around them like a gnat after Troy’s plan went off.

Thom piped up. “Leo took her to the Library. Said she needed to be somewhere less distracting than…” He glanced at his sister. “…outside.”

Blackwell crooked a finger at Grace who stood and followed her back into the Manor. “Don’t mess with my paper,” she called over her shoulder.

Thom looked at it. “She didn’t even finish the third sentence.”

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