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Grace & Orion
Sun Aug 9, 2015 02:08

Outside the bathroom door, the vague outlines of two Reym girls could be seen leaning against it eagerly. To Ri, it felt like hours since they had planted the fireworks and her foot tapped against the floor impatiently, much to Grace’s annoyance.

“What’s happening?” she asked, for the hundredth time.

“Shh!” Grace insisted. There was a brief moment’s silence where the first year considered this request.

“Have they gone off yet?”


“But I can’t hear anything.”

“Shut up.”

There was another pause in her line of questioning as she shuffled towards the door. Grace had been hogging it since they’d watched some girl in ridiculous shoes go in and she’d had enough. She moved a mass of curls out of the way and pressed her ear against the door. “They’re just talking,” she huffed after a while. “About really boring…stuff.”

“It’s Troy’s plan,” Grace explained through gritted teeth. “Trust Troy.”

“Why? Because he’s a Prince or whatever?”

“A what?”

“A Prince. He said…”

“Troy says stuff. Now shut it.”

Grace strained her hearing, one hand on the wall. Whispers echoed on the other side of the door, far more than three voices should have made. She eased her grip on the wall and the sounds of Balgren became louder. Ri was right, it was fairly boring stuff, but Troy always appreciated the extra intelligence gathering.

A loud pop and a startled scream. Then another and another. A suddenly a volley of crackling and whizzing and high pitched sounds , some in disgusted horror. Grace grabbed Ri by the scruff and yanked her back just as the door burst open and the three girls emerged. Their shoes were scuffed their dresses singed, their hair in disarray and all beautifully redecorated in charred fabric and starbursts of colour.

Grace pulled Ri again. “Go. Go!” she yelled down the hall and shoved her in one direction as she fled in another.

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